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From the video The Life of a slave

"Pro Dommes never want to own me 24/7. How can I find a Dominant Woman who wants to own a slave 24/7?"

Supreme Goddess Lorena's Advice: There are a few reasons as to why you may still not have found a Mistress to own you.

1. It might be that She is ProDomming for financial reasons only and does not wish to own personal slaves. Many Women ProDom only to produce income and are not Dom and have no interest in being Dom. They roleplay as a Dominant quite well for the fake submissive session seeker who wants his fetish to be catered to.

2. Or it could be because She lives a life outside of Her work and has no room or time in Her personal life for a personal fulltime slave. Perhaps She is even married and She knows that a fulltime slave would get in the way of Her relationship.

3. Another reason might be that even though She is in fact a real Dominant and She has time in Her personal life for a fulltime 24/7 slave, She might wish to be served finanically as well as in other ways. But She may have found that most slaves will not support Her or contribute financially unless She caters to his fetish, thus giving Her no choice but to charge for it at all times and not to accept applications from those slaves who will not pay Her anything. Sadly this is the very reason why there are more ProDoms in the world than lifestyle Doms.When I had ProDommed years ago I too used to hear from some slaves who asked to serve Me for "free". I, as well as other FemDoms, do not have a problem with owning a slave for free but unless a slave is very special in some way and he is willing to serve Me by doing what I want and he is not looking for his fetish to be catered to then there is no reason why I, or any other FemDom, would want a freebee slave when all others are willing to pay for Our precious time and attention. Besides, if you are a real slave then why would you want to serve a Woman in everyway but financial? Marrying a Woman can be VERY expensive (divorced men would agree with Me on that one) and even dating a Woman can cost you alot of money and so that too is serving a Woman financially. So if a Woman is willing to own you 24/7 and She does not charge you by the hour but instead just asks for you to pitch in towards Her bills and well being once in awhile then do not complain. you should be so lucky to find such an Owner.

4. The most common reason however for a Mistress not to own you is because you are not the right kind of slave for Her. All too many times I hear slaves say that the reason why they are still not owned is because they have not yet found what they call "the right Mistress". But realistically for them to find the right Mistress all they need to do is to behave like the right slave. So you might want to consider how you come across and how you view the lifestyle when you are doing your search for an Owner. If you apply to Her by listing out all of your fetishes, what you are looking for, what you require of a Mistress, and what you hope She will do for you, then of course She will reject your application. When you apply to a Mistress you need to remember that you are the slave and that your only purpose in life will be to serve Her. To serve Her you must do what She wants of you and not what you want to do for Her. It is no different than when a man proposes marriage to a Woman (that too is a contract). he should know that he is proposing to look after Her, to care for Her, to work hard to support Her, to be there in times of trouble, to be faithful, and most of all he must realize that he needs Her more than She needs him. Which is why he is supposed to get down on his knees and beg for Her to marry him and why he is to offer Her a valuable ring as proof of his sincerity and devotion. Know in your heart that the Woman you are applying to is the Woman who you wish to be owned by BEFORE applying to Her (do not apply to Her only to reject Her later because She is not what you thought. Do your research first), then apply by listing out all that you can offer and do for Her, and then beg that She accepts your application.

Now to find such a Woman you must put yourself on the market. That means by placing ads on the internet, in papers, and FemDom magazines, and by contacting ProDoms and lifestyle FemDoms, and by going to BDSM functions. Always be honest and polite for if you are not then your lies and rude behaviour will be remembered and will come back to haunt you. A simple case of cause and effect and karma. If you are still unable to find an Owner through these avenues then I suggest you just find a nice Woman who likes how you serve Her and ask Her to marry you so that you can cater to Her every whim for the rest of your life. Since you now know better than to expect your fetishes to be catered to, marriage (or even committing to a Woman without marrying Her) is no different than being an owned slave of a FemDom.

May you find an Owner and may you serve Her well and forever.

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The Life of a slave

Egyptian Goddess

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Goddess Diana's Advice: "Join the Goddess Club and start getting trained!"

Lady Christine's Advice: "The simple answer is go look. They are out there. I know that because I am One of Them and My slave applicants tell Me They are there, but there are not that many. You have to search. And when you have located a Dominant Woman who wants to own a slave 24/7, you will then need to offer something that is going to catch Her attention and interest. The more you offer and the more appealing you make your offer, the more likely you are to get on Her shortlist. Be honest, polite and respectful. Demonstrate your eagerness to serve Her and please Her totally with every fiber of your being. Tell Her all the things you can do for Her. Don't expect Her to be satisfied by you simply saying that you will carry out all Her orders. A slave that only does what he is told and has nothing else to offer is not particularly appealing. I get a lot of one-liners like 'I humbly beg you to accept me as your slave. I will do anything for you'. I am afraid that doesn't impress me much. Hearing what a slave can actually do and is prepared to do in order to please Me, serve Me, and worship Me is much more likely to grab My attention."

worshipper slave tom s.'s Advice: "This is a tough question for me because it seems to go against the 'never top from the bottom' lesson that Supreme Goddess, Goddess Lorena taught me early on in my training. What you want as a slave is unimportant, what your Goddess wants as your owner is all that matters. If She doesn't want a 24/7 slave, She probably has good reasons to feel this way. Perhaps She hasn't learned to trust you enough yet or She may be worried about you earning your keep if She lets you stay with Her. Maybe She isn't sure that you can get along with Her other slaves (if She has multiple ones like Goddess Lorena). Either way, i think that a slave should find a Goddess who speaks to him and stirs him in a way that makes him want to seek Her approval. Then, after learning how to serve and making a commitment to being Owned, he should be content in allowing his Goddess to make decisions on how he can be helpful to Her (whether it is 24/7 or something else).

However, for the sake of argument, let's consider the potential slave who has a strong desire to be a 24/7 live in slave. A potential slave must remember that being a 24/7 slave isn't just an excuse for you to be able to escape from the world and serve someone who will give you the positive feedback that you crave. A 24/7 slave should be the ultimate example of true servitude. That slave should hold down a well paying job and maintain a professional appearance during his work week so that he can provide his support to the true purpose of his life, his Goddess. After his work day is done in the 'normal world', he should work dilligently in his Goddess' home cleaning or ironing or mowing the lawn or whatever, so as to make his Goddess' life even easier. Imagine the true joy a slave will experience when he can be proud of his own efforts and know that he really provided a service to his Owner. Then when She bestows upon him the one feeling that all slaves crave, Her approval, he will know absolute bliss.

It should be obvious that different Goddesses may want different things from different slaves (even if they are all 24/7). In Goddess Lorena's excellent novel, "Femaria, City of Women", the Queen of Femaria had many different types of slaves (from food preparers, to bodyguards, to sex slaves, etc). Perhaps a slave thinks that they can provide all of these functions or perhaps they just want to be the "sex slave". A slave needs to be honest with himself in understanding what he wants to do so that when he seeks out a Goddess to serve 24/7 he can be up front with Her and explain his wants and needs. If his desire to serve matches what She wants in a slave then hopefully both will enjoy the relationship. However, it is still incumbent upon the slave to learn more about his new Goddess' likes and dislikes quickly so that he can strive to please Her more often and 'scratch his itch' less."

worshipper slave bruce's Advice: "There is a big difference between a Pro Domme and a real Dominant Woman who would be interested in owning you. Most Pro Dommes only cater to a client's fantasies to make an income. After the session is over, they could care less about what happens to you, until of course you save up enough money to have another session. This is not true slavery and of course they have no interest in owning you. Finding a Dominant Woman is much more difficult. A good place to start of course would be to visit Goddess Club and read all the articles and stories there which would give you an idea of what to do and how to act in order to interest a Dominant Woman. There are some other organizations and clubs where you
might also go. The most important thing though is to learn how a true slave should act when in the presence of a Woman. he must remember that he must always put the Woman's wants and needs above his own and if he really wants to be owned, must understand that he is giving up his freedom forever. A true slave should only exist to make his Mistress happy. he must obey Her totally and devote his life to Her. There are many wannabes out there but very few true slaves."

worshipper slave c.'s Advice: "The most difficult problem any slave has is finding an Owner. What most 'slaves' do not realize is that there are many aspects to this issue. Initially We/we must begin with the 'slave' himself, where most of the blame for the problem lies. The expectation of the majority of 'slaves' of a 24/7 Mistress/slave relationship is for the Woman to satisfy their pre-scripted fetish requirements without giving much or any thought to the wants and needs of the Woman. Pro Dommes are available for these situations on a fee for service basis, these Women however are not necessarily Dominant in real life and have little or no interest in acquiring 24/7 slaves. These 'slaves' like to fantasize about a 24/7 Mistress/slave relationship but are not in any way prepared for the unconditional surrender to a Woman that is real slavery and what 24/7 implies and would be better served by Pro Dommes on a pay per session basis.

The problem still remains as to how to find a Dominant Woman to enter into a real 24/7 Mistress/slave relationship. This situation can remain a difficult one because the Female has been socialized from early childhood to live in a patriarchal society. To try to abruptly confront a Woman to become the Dominant Partner in a relationship would probably result in Her immediate refusal and most likely the end of your relationship with Her, even though She may have shown dominant characteristics.

The solution to this problem is not quick or easy. It requires time, patience and understanding. It begins with the male who desires a 24/7 Mistress/slave relationship, who honestly understands what true slavery implies and is prepared to submit totally and unselfishly to a Woman in this fashion. Once he has accepted what his position will be, he can begin by looking for a
Woman with dominant characteristics, a Woman who enjoys having things done for Her. Always remembering that a slave is only a slave. Begin by doing tasks for Her that She finds distasteful or boring. Make sure that you do all the housework, cater to Her hand and foot. Make sure She always sits at the head of the table. Have your own ideas that you put forth to Her in a polite and respectful fashion, that She may consider and find of assistance in Her decision making, but always keeping in mind that Her word is final in all matters. What Woman would not find it appealing in having a partner serving Her in this fahion? She will probably begin unconsciously issuing orders to you, expecting them to be carried out without question. you will have helped
Her assume the position of power, where the Female is dominant, a 24/7 Mistress/slave relationship that has not as yet been officially labeled that, by Her. How many cases are there that occur in everyday life, where the Wife orders the husband around; Her natural instinct to dominate Her mate? It will only be a matter of time when She realizes how perfectly normal Female Supremacy and Female Domination is and She will assume dominion over you as Her property."

worshipper slave x.j.'s Advice: "i believe that many pro dommes do own 24/7 slaves and are often on the look out for other potential slaves to fill their stable. While there are many bad and fake Pro Dommes out there, i believe there are just as many good ones that feel very attached to their clients. The problem is that most men are impatient and overeager. Instead of trying to get to every fetish fulfilled, the slave should attempt to get to know the Dom as a person. Listen to Her as a human being and not just as a sex object. Make Her feel safe, and enjoy being with you. This moves you past the stage of being just another customer. And never ask to be a 24/7 slave until a very long time has passed. That's a huge step and a major decision for a Mistress. i believe that a Mistress would have to know a customer for a very long time before She would even consider taking him on as a personal slave.

i don't know why so many men are wrapped up in their own selfish interests and fetishes and see Pro Doms only as sex dolls. Personally, i find Dominant Women fascinating. Not only are They beautiful, but usually they are also very intelligent and well read. They are not just a pretty face.

The main problem will always be that while there are plenty of submissive men, there are few dominant Women. It's supply and demand. Rather than always asking, 'What's wrong with these Doms? Why won't They make me Their 24/7 slave? i've already known Them for a whole hour. What's taking so long!' Instead ask yourself, 'Out of all the slaves that this Woman could have, why would She pick me? How can i stand out?' "

worshipper slave roger k.'s Advice: "Finding a Dominant Woman who wants to own a slave 24/7 is extremely tough. But first, you have to be sure that you're ready to live this lifestyle everyday, it's tough and can be very energy consuming. So, to be able to live this lifestyle you must first find a Woman who you truly worship and love. Nobody said it was easy to find that unique person, it takes time and patience before you meet your Goddess but it'll be worth it. If it's in your destiny, it'll happen by itself."

worshipper slave danny k.'s Advice: "This topic has puzzled many slaves for a very long time. Almost every slave has dreamed of being owned 24/7 by his fantasy Mistress/Goddess/Female Domme. To be captive to such a Woman, and to serve Her 24 hours a day, seven days a week for life, is the story line for many articles written by submissive men, and fill the D/s magazines monthly.

But is this reality, or just a fantasy? To the majority of the slaves, the truth is, it is simply an erotic fantasy, driven primarily by sexual desires. This is where the problem arises. They seek a Domme to fulfill their own fantasy, without truly considering the needs and desires of the Mistress. She is a Woman, and thus, much smarter than the slave, and She realizes that he will not live up to this commitment, and therefore shuns him. To compensate Her time and efforts She charges him a fee, deservingly. After all, a slave should provide for the Mistress he serves, even if it is on a Professional basis.

But what of the slaves who truly are willing to commit for life. If he is, then he needs to prove his devotion and loyalty to the Domme. he must show Her that he is sincere and unselfish in his desires to please and serve Her needs. Just saying the words, or buying Her gifts when he feels compelled to, is not enough, nor is it a sign of devotion. A slave must prove himself worthy, and show Her that he is willing to serve Her needs and desires completely at all times. There are many reasons a Mistress may not want to own a slave, even if he is devoted and worthy, but there is only one reason She would ever consider it........Her own needs.....security, happiness, pleasure, service, and comfort."

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