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From the video Egyptian Goddess

"How should i serve and worship a Goddess?"

Supreme Goddess Lorena's Advice: A Woman who is a Goddess is usually very intelligent to those who know Her well, beautiful in the eyes of those who adore Her, strict at times yet quite caring, understanding, and nurturing at other times, likes being served and catered to, and is typically very demanding. And She should be. She deserves nothing but the best and the finest of quality. She also deserves the best slaves and to be served well. To serve Her well you must first get to know Her tastes and preferences. you can only accomplish this by being observant of what She likes, making note of what She wants, and asking Her what She prefers. It does not pay to assume what She wants or to tell Her what you think She should have. She knows what She wants and so should be given it.

Once you learn what She wants you then know what to give Her. If it is not an object She wants but a way in which She wants to be served then you will also need to learn how She wants to be served. For example, I like being bathed. But if a man was to roughly sponge Me down as if he was just washing a piece of machinery or if he fondled My body rather than to wash it, then I would not be pleased in the least. he would have to learn how I wished to be bathed.

Now to worship a Goddess, one must respect Her because that is what worship is about. Worship is not oral sex. Worship is also not about feeling attracted to Her appearance. To worship a Goddess you must show upmost respect for Her, bow down to Her, kiss Her feet, also show respect for things She owns, defend Her, protect Her, do things which honour Her, show gratitude for being allowed the privilege of serving Her, etc. If you do not respect Her and appreciate the time She grants you to serve Her and the effort She puts into training you then you will not be worshipping Her and in the end you will also not be serving Her well either.

you will also not serve a Goddess well, or any Woman for that matter, if you are a selfish slave. For instance, if you only seek to serve a Goddess because She is beautiful and you only like to serve beautiful Women, or if you feel She must have big breasts because you are into big breasts, or She must have redhair because you like redhaired Women, or if you insist that She must be a Lesbian because you like to watch Women make love or because you become too jealous of other men serving Her, whatever your personal preferences may be if these are things you look for when seeking a Goddess to serve rather than to look for inner qualities and other more important factors then you really do not truly care about serving a Woman but only care to fulfill your fetish. I have said many times, and I will say it again, it is okay for you to have fetishes but you should never expect or ask for your Goddess to cater to your fetishes but instead you should just hint to Her once or twice what you like and hope that on occasion She remembers to grant them to you as a reward when She feels you have earned such a privilege by serving Her well. It is a mutual give and recieve standard as is any other kind of relationship. you should never apply to a Woman by sending Her a letter than starts out by saying "i want.......you should be....i am looking for....". Instead start it out with "i am...i can give.....i can do....what would you like...".

To help you even further, here is a short list of the basic ways in which most Women (but not all Women) want to be served and worshipped:

-Offer and ask to do things for Her that She shouldn't have to do (ie: laundry, dishes, cooking).
-Kiss Her hand whenever you greet Her
-Always grab the door and hold it open for Her
-Always open the car door for Her and close it for Her once She is inside
-Offer to carry Her packages
-As often as possible tell Her how happy you are to be able to serve Her
-Hold the umbrella over Her head
-Offer to handle a situation for Her if it is upsetting or stressful to Her
-Help Her put Her coat and shoes on and take them off for Her
-Draw Her bath for Her
-Feed Her so She does not soil Her hands
-Present Her meals to Her on a tray
-Let Her enter a room first unless it may be unsafe for Her to do so in which case you offer to enter first
-Re-tie Her laces for Her if Her shoes become untied in public
-Do not let a waiter interuppt when She is talking when he approaches Her table at a restaurant. Instead, ignore him until She is finished speaking
-Defend Her when someone is bothering Her or being rude to Her
-Greet Her each time you see Her by bowing down and kissing Her feet if She likes this
-Call or email Her each morning to greet Her and to ask how you can serve Her today
-Call or email Her each evening to ask how Her day was and to bid Her a good night and a well rested sleep full of pleasant dreams
-Surprise Her with gifts you know She likes
-Pamper Her like the Princess She is when She is sick or not feeling well


The list could be endless depending on the Goddess you are serving but the important thing is to made a point of knowing what pleases Her and how you can serve Her better.

To learn all this and more by video, watch How to Worship a Goddess

Become My devoted servant and worship Me as your Goddess: Lorenaism

Copyright © 2001, 2002 Supreme Goddess Lorena. All Rights Reserved.

Goddess Diana's Advice: "On your knees, boy."

Goddess Carole's Advice: "Interesting question: I think it really depends on what each individual Goddess enjoys and how it fits into her lifestyle. I'm almost sure that most of the Goddesses in Goddess Club are different than me in the expectations that I have for my slave-husband. I demand courtesy, respect, warmth, cleanliness, order, and immediate obedience to the things which I require to be done. I'm passionately in love with my slave-husband, but at the same time, I demand his personal attention, affection, and complete fidelity to me. I require several personal physical signs of his submission and devotion to me including keeping his pubic hair shaved as I want it, wearing of an ankle bracelet at all times, and some jewelery whenever we are in public. I also require him to wear certain personal items when I wish it to be so. I expect my slave-husband to provide me with foot service as I require it (which is one of my two most favorite forms of worship). I'm truly indebted to Goddess Lorena for the wonderful video tape on Worshipping of Goddess' Feet---it is still the best of all to me. One of the things I like best about what Goddess Club has taught me in contrast to other things written in the FDom books is, that it is my fetishes which are important not what my slave-husband may want. I find alot of the fetish stuff unacceptable to me, but my slave-husband must take me as I wish to be. He may like stilleto 6" heels on thigh high boots, but I find them uncomfortable and they make my bones hurt, so I select my fetish wear, and I find Goddess clothing to be more what I desire than the total leather-bound unrealistic attire. I do like to evoke a worshipful reaction from my slave-husband though and I do it with things I like and which fit my personality.

Males who serve Goddesses must please the wishes of the Goddess. My tastes are likely not as exotic or exciting as others, but they fulfil my need and my role as I see it. I'm still in the learning process and much of what I have read, especially in Goddess' Lorena's Femaria is both exciting and of interest to me, but I've only scratched the beginning surfaces of the whole
lifestyle. I'm still open to learn more and to use it to benefit the marriage relationship of my slave-husband and myself. I can tell you this, our sensuality level has gone way way up since entering the wonderful world of Goddess Club.

Finally, I think the variety dictates changing some of these things along the way to keep things fresh, exciting, and yet keep the understanding of who is in charge. My schedule is very busy, so all things must fit into my schedule and at the times which I wish them to occur. I am very strict about that and require that my priorities are above all others.

Best wishes to the Goddesses and Ladies and particularly to Supreme Goddess Lorena."

Lady Kyla's Advice: "How should a slave serve a Goddess? He should serve Her with every fibre of himself. He should eat, sleep and breathe his Goddess because he was put on this earth to please Her. I could write out a list of things that a slave
must do to serve his Mistress, but that would be pointless...I would surely leave out some important detail. Basically, you must OBEY all commands and live only to serve your Mistress/Goddess. A slave should work very hard at his job, so that he will have money to give as an offering to his Mistress. He should also work very hard within the home, bathing, massaging, catering
to his Mistress and expressing his love and devotion to Her. Goddess Lorena's book Femaria is fabulous, and EVERY man who wants to understand what a slave should be, should buy and read Her book. Devote yourself to your Mistress and you will be a happy slave, with a happy Mistress."

worshipper slave bruce's Advice: "First and foremost, you have to always remember how fortunate you are to have the opportunity to serve and worship a Goddess. you must always remember this and strive to make your Goddess proud of you.
Pamper Her at all times. Learn to cook, do all the cleaning and menial chores around Her house, make sure She never has to lift a finger. When She gives you an order, obey it instantly without any whining. Give Her gifts to show your appreciation of Her allowing you to serve Her, and after serving for a certain period, even transfer all your financial assets to Her to show your total devotion. Learn how to do menial tasks such as preparing Her bath, giving Her manicures and pedicures, washing Her hair, etc. NEVER ask or expect any sexual favors. A true slave gets his satisfaction from knowing his Mistress is pleased with him, and if he serves Her well, She will let him know this. Put Her on a pedestal, and live every day by trying to become a better slave for Her. She is a Goddess and deserves the best"

worshipper slave c.'s Advice: "To serve and worship a Goddess properly the male must first completely understand and accept his status as a slave. To be a real man is to be a slave, to him the words 'slave' and 'male' are interchageable terms, one and the same. Only upon the realization of this basic truth can the male be in the proper state of mind for him to be able to serve and worship a Goddess as She deserves.

With his acceptance of their relative positions of Goddess and slave, the male surrenders completely and unconditionally to his Owner to dedicate himself and submit toHer will. From this point it is up to the slave to find out what best pleases his Goddess and in which way his Owner wishes to be served and worshipped. It is important for the slave to realize that he must put his personal wants and needs aside and concentrate on what pleases his Owner. The slave by making his Owner happy derives his reward. What more can a slave ask for than seeing the contentment and satisfaction on his Owner's face, as She smiles down at Her slave who is kneeling at Her feet."

worshipper slave x.j.'s Advice: "One of the most obvious ways is to give money and/or gifts. If money is given to one's Goddess, this should be done with a due sense of humility, and come with a 'no strings attached' agreement. Too many slaves, after giving a Mistress a gift, use it as a bargaining tool to get their fetishes fulfilled - an 'i gave You this, therefore You must give me that' attitude.

What does a slave do if he is not wealthy? Another possible way is to serve ones Goddess by providing Her with skills that She may need. For example, if a slave is an accountant, he can offer to do his Mistress's taxes. The problem with this approach is that the slave may not work in a profession that can be put to use by his Mistress. For example, a Mistress could probably make use of a trial lawyer, but not a corporate lawyer.

There are still countless other ways to serve a Woman even if one is poor in the wallet and not working in a profession She finds useful. Probably one of the easiest and cheapest is to always be polite and humble in the presence of one's Goddess. Few slaves realize the power of this one simple act.

If a slave is living with his Goddess, then the opportunities for service are endless. The slave should do all the housework and chores. He can offer his Mistress foot messages, and pamper Her to Her hearts content.

Finally, the slave should always put the needs of Goddess first and his own last."

worshipper slave danny k.'s Advice: "This question is easily answered with, “In any and all ways that my Goddess wishes and deserves, for She is my Goddess, She is Superior, She is the Woman i love and serve.” This answer covers the general nature of the question, but there is more that is underlying. If the question is looked at in its two separate parts, “How should i serve a Goddess”, and “How should i worship a Goddess”, the answers allow for more detail.

The first part refers to serving a Goddess, which is the duty of all of Goddess's slaves. Goddess has taken much of Her precious time to train Her slaves to be loyal and dedicated, as well as willing to serve Her every need. There is no exception to the ‘every need’ part. A slave must serve Goddess in any way She requires or needs. Even if the slave is not good at it, or has little knowledge of how, the slave must do his very best to serve Goddess in the manner She orders, and ask for Her guidance if the slave does not know how. If Goddess needs a chair, the slave must be Her chair. Even if it is at the mall or in a restaurant, the slave must serve Goddesses needs. This is what Goddess trains Her slaves for, to serve Her every need and desire. If She desires a slave to be a doggie, then the slave must be Her doggie. A coat rack, table, maid, gardener, chauffer, footrest, whatever, the slave must serve Goddess in these ways. Most important, the slave must be grateful that Goddess has allowed the slave to serve Her in these ways. She is giving the slave the wonderful privilege of serving Her, and the slave must give thanks for this honor. The slave must worship Her for this.

For all Goddess has done to train us slaves, and for all Her valuable and precious time that She has generously given to teach us slaves, we give Her thanks by worshipping Her, which She so rightfully deserves. To worship Goddess is a slave's way to show appreciation for all She has done and given to us. It shows a slave's love, devotion, loyalty, faithfulness, and dedication, to Goddess. There are different ways slaves may worship Goddess. Kneeling before Her in person is the most honored way. A slave may kneel before Her image on the computer, or even a picture of Goddess. Kneeling before Her in a humbled position, head bowed, praying to Goddess to accept this slave's love and thanks for the honor She so graciously bestowed upon me. For allowing me to serve Her and please Her, for allowing me to be Her door matt, chair, doggie, toilet, ash tray, or anything else, for the wonderous honor of serving my Goddess. Serving Goddess in all ways, in the very best way a slave can, is a way to worship Goddess as well, and a way She will enjoy."

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