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From the instructional training video How to Worship a Goddess

"How can a slave better his own training and make it easier for his Goddess/Mistress to train him?"

worshipper slave anthony m.'s Advice: "The best way for a slave to make his training easier is to defer all decisions as to his orgasm to his Mistress. Not only does this make the slave more tractable, it also trains him for his future role as giver, rather than receiver, of pleasure. The sooner he learns the value of vicarious pleasure, the better."

worshipper slave tom s.'s Advice: "A slave must concentrate on the fundamentals of Female Supremacy. Your Goddess must be the center of Your attention. If a slave has chosen to come to the Goddess and agreed to submit to Her, and if She in return claims him as Her property, then the rest of the training should be merely a matter of focusing your attention. my experience in training was wonderful! i attribute that to two things:

(1) Goddess Lorena took a personal interest in me and gave me positive feedback whenever i did something well for Her.

(2) i truly placed Her at the center of my thoughts and actions. Concentrating on the fact that Goddess Lorena was now the center of my life made following Her training easier and more rewarding.

One thing i found particularly helpful was the video "How to Worship a Goddess". In it, Goddess Lorena explains Her rules for how a trainee should behave in the presence of a Goddess. She does a tremendous job of laying out rules one by one, in a very easy to follow format. She repeats them so that simple-minded males like myself can hear them over and over again. i found that i was a true submissive male in watching this video and listening to Her speak words that rang true in my life. The only thing that remained was to learn the proper behavior to follow when in the presence of a Goddess. Watch this tape over and over until you have learned and committed to memory all the rules that She has been kind enough to explain to You.

Lastly, i challenge each slave to 'be creative' with your relationship with your Goddess. Your Goddess is more then just a beautiful, sexual object to satisfy your need to relinquish control to. She is a Superior Woman of incredible intellect and understanding of how this world should truly operate. Use Her beauty and charm, delivered to you through Her emails, videos, and website, to inspire yourself. It is expected that you will desire Her and be passionate about your feelings for Her but you need to learn to express yourself in ways that She would enjoy. Try to impress Her with your words and deeds, not for yourself, but to make Her proud of owning you. A happy Goddess is a loving Goddess and a loving Goddess is the greatest joy any of you will ever experience."

How to Worship a Goddess

Supreme Goddess Lorena's
"A slave should be more considerate of his Trainer. he should make an effort to realize how much trouble he can be and how hard that must make it for Her to train him. Once he realizes his problem areas he can then try to better himself in these areas so that She will not have to. For example, if he knows that when She points out his errors to him that he has trouble because he then defends himself, which then leads him to supply Her with excuses for his mistakes and which then might lead to arguing with Her, then he should try to stop himself when he knows he is about to do this. Instead of defending himself and supplying Her with excuses as to why he did it, he can instead just say 'Okay', 'i am sorry', 'You are right. It will not happen again', or 'i am sorry. Please beat me for this'. This will impress Her and it will also speed up his training immensely. he should also better his chances at doing well in his training by buying and using training supplies which he feels may help train him to be a better slave. For instance, My videos, book, worn panties and shoes, CD Picture Albums, slave loin cloths, and slave tags help Me greatly in training My slaves. Without those helpful tools, My slaves would not be the well trained and well behaved worshipper slaves that they are today."

Training Video:

How to Worship a Goddess

slave Training Program:

slave Training Program

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