What Makes A Good slave

by Supreme Goddess Lorena
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A good slave......

1. Does not have to be told what to do.

2. Does not complain or argue.

3. Knows how to keep his place as slave by not stepping over his boundaries if he does disagree with his Mistress.

4. Is willing to please his Mistress without receiving anything in return for himself.

5. Understands that his Mistress is human and so She is allowed to cry, throw a tantrum, make mistakes, etc.

6. Abides by his Mistress's rules.

7. Never tells his Mistress She is wrong, even if he feels She is, unless he needs to in order to protect Her.

8. Fetches the whip, paddle, or supplies his face for punishment without question or argument when he knows he has done something wrong or when his Mistress says he has.

9. Supplies himself as a chair, cushion, bathmat, or whatever else his Mistress desires and whenever possible.

10. Educates himself on learning new things so that he knows how to do more things for his Mistress so She will not have to.

11. Is as good of a slave for his Mistress when out in public as he is when at home.

12. Opens all doors for his Mistress even when She is at home.

13. Does not complain if his Mistress requires additional slaves if he cannot be there for Her or serve Her in that way.

14. Never defies his Mistress.

15. Never lies to his Mistress.

16. Never keeps his Mistress waiting.

17. Never makes plans without his Mistress's permission, unless it is for a surprise for Her.

18. Never serves anyone else, especially other Women, without his Mistress's permission.

19. Never tells his Mistress that She is being too picky, fussy, etc..

20. Always compliments his Mistress and does so sincerely.

21. Is only happy when his Mistress is happy.

22. Fetches the phone for his Mistress.

23. Always helps his Mistress with Her coat and holds the umbrella for Her.

24. Never eats or drinks first and waits for his Mistress's permission first.

25. Never sexually gratifies himself without his Mistress's permission.

26. Never hugs, kisses, or touches his Mistress's body in an intimate manner without asking for Her permission first.

27. Never hits his Mistress, swears at Her, insults Her, calls Her insulting names, belittles Her, laughs at Her, or is rude to Her.

28. Pays attention to what his Mistress likes and does not like and makes an effort to remember it.

29. Always defends his Mistress.

30. Is always loyal, devoted, and faithful to his Mistress.

31. Never tries to dominate his Mistress.

32. Never Tops from the bottom or manipulates his Mistress.

33. Respects his Mistress's privacy.

34. Never exploits his Mistress, takes money from Her, or tries to make money from Her.

35. Always sides with his Mistress even if he feels She might be wrong. If he wants to suggest to Her that She is wrong then he states it carefully and gently and only does so later in private instead of humiliating Her by doing it in front of others.

36. Appreciates privileges that his Mistress allows him and does not ask for them. he knows that they are gifts or rewards that he has earned.

37. Walks one pace behind his Mistress whenever possible.

38. Stops traffic for his Mistress.

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The article, "What Makes a Good Slave," by SUPREME GODDESS LORENA is one of my favorite articles and i read it several times a week! This is an excellent training device because it takes a very primal and basic building block of servitude and translates it into meaningful acts of practicality which when performed provides the Mistress with invaluable service while laying the foundation for the slave's sense of "slave"-worth and servitude. This list of 38 ways that a slave may aspire to render excellent service are built upon the basic premise of respect. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we truly lived in a world where all Women were just naturally treated this way without even the issue of fetish involved at all?! The world would be so much better if regardless of physical appearance, weight, or age Women were all respected, cherished, and served by men. Without exception all of these rules stem from giving the Woman respect. By complying with and obeying these rules the slave demonstrates his respect for his Mistress in all things. In order for a slave to be of valuable service his heart must be in its' proper attitude of respect and yes, worship towards his Owner and he must always be grateful for the privilege of serving Her. If the slave follows this list completely he will demonstrate his respect, reverence, and gratitude so much more effectively than if he were to merely espouse his servitude and devotion with empty words.

As i read down this list i find myself questioning why anyone would not want to do any of these things? i also find myself wondering how anyone could not do something on that list and not feel pained about the hurt they inflict upon their Owner? Why would anyone not wish to comply with this list?! This list could go on forever and SUPREME GODDESS LORENA in HER generous and nurturing manner has graciously laid a foundation down and constructed a model to be expounded upon and expanded to promote excellent service for all Mistresses the world over. That is the beauty of male servitude, that there are endless and never ending ways to provide your Mistress with amusement, service, and assistance!

i hope SUPREME GODDESS LORENA, that i can truly and sincerely obey everyone of these rules continually and provide YOU with any type of service that YOU would demand in an excellent manner that would do YOU honour as well as service. i also found within this list that a basic premise is also that the slave should be sensitive to his Mistress's needs, show Her respect always, put Her needs above everything else, maintain Her best interests at all times, realize that his destiny and happiness can only be attained by the fulfillment of his Mistress's happiness, and allow himself to become a pliable and malleable tool for his Mistress to wield in the fulfillment of Her Own Personal desires, whims, needs, and wishes. This is what i dearly and most fervently wish to do for YOU!!!

Thank YOU for taking time to read this when YOU have so many good slaves YOU could be spending YOUR time and energy on.

Submissively YOURS, greg

In “What makes a good slave” Goddess Lorena lists 38 characteristics that we slaves should strive to demonstrate. You will clearly understand some of the required behavior if you are training to serve Goddess Lorena or in Femaria in the future. i would caution you not to gloss over them as though they are too easy for you. Read carefully and imagine living out each
and every one, without fail, for the rest of your days. Wouldn’t you be happy? i know, i would.

Over time, these “good slave” qualities will become part of you . Underneath the crossed “tee’s” and dotted “i’s” there is an attitude of servitude. i can hear you already, “there goes trainee slave marcel k with that 'attitude of servitude' again”. Well, you’re right. The only reason i mention it is, when our attitude is right, these characteristics that make a good slave are abundant. Not only the ones that Goddess Lorena was kind enough to write down for us but, many other ones as well. Personally, i would like to be known as a good slave, it would be an honor. i am hopeful that as the list expands some of the new ones are added for some of my desirable subservient qualities. All we have to do is put into practice what we already know we want. Will our attitude let us?

trainee slave marcel k.

This list of 38 characteristics in " What makes a good slave " is an absolute must read for all aspirant slaves. They are a list of things which Supreme Goddess Lorena made into a category in a way as to be easily understood and remembered. If one is seriously interested in becoming a good slave with all that it entails, then he must regard this list as the 10 commandements are to catholics, cause they are fundamental, each and every one of them. To ignore and/or disagree with one inevitably implies that you are not ready to become a slave and probably never will be.

These 38 characteristics are all based on respect, devotion and loyalty. So when people as most still do look at these kind of things as wrong and immoral, ie when it comes to a D/s relationship, i ask what is wrong and immoral in respecting, being loyal and devoted to Someone? And being a slave has nothing to do with sexual gratification! One only need to read these rules to eliminate once and for all certain misconceptions.

To follow these rules effectively, it is essential that the slave to be knows exactly what and where his place is. If not, i would say that it will be practically impossible for instance to always obey the Mistress in question s orders if you think that She is wrong and you are right. Being a good slave involves truly believing that a Woman is superior, especially your Mistress and therefore She is always right, even if maybe for reasons we cannot understand.

From these rules, one also understands that a slave should never expect anything in return no matter how good he has served his Mistress. Not only that, he should even be willing, if not beg for his Mistress to punish him even for the slightest mistake. This may seem hard for beginners as it had for me before coming across Goddess Lorena s Temple. But one thing i have understood is that if you love, worship and respect your Mistress as i myself do to my Goddess, then you will feel it natural to want to be punished by Her, if disappointing Her even in the slightest way.

Respect, as already stated is also an important part of the equation. So if behind closed doors it is easy to show this by serving Her in appropriate manners such as not eating before having Her permission, opening doors for Her, helping Her with Her shoes, kissing Her Feet etc. , then it shouldnt be hard in public to treat Her in the same way. What is there to be ashamed in openly respecting Someone? Indeed it is a privilege that not every man gets to have in his life. That is how being a slave in general should be considered, a privilege. It is hard work sure, it s not supposed to be easy. But if it helps making your Owner happier and more comfortable , then i would say that it is very rewarding indeed, and for me that is much more fulfilling than anything else in life.

trainee slave mark b.

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