A Day in the Life of a 24/7 D/s Lifestyle Couple

by Supreme Goddess Lorena

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So many people misunderstand the term 24/7. No submissive can be subservient without a breath of air for himself and no Mistress wears PVC and carries a whip everywhere She goes. Even a Mistress has to do Her own dishes sometimes. She just may not admit it to anyone. Also, even a fulltime lifestyle slave may have to go out to work to support his Mistress.

Here is an example of a more realistic view of a 24/7 lifestyle couple:

he gets up from where he sleeps at the foot of the bed by Her feet. Trying hard not to wake Her he gets shaved, brushes his teeth, and gets dressed.

7:10am he makes Her breakfast.

7:20am he places Her breakfast tray down on the bedside table beside Her bed. She hears him and wakes up so he greets Her properly then offers to feed Her even though he knows he doesn't have time to. She is kind by refusing his offer, sends him away, and begins to feed herself.

7:25am he makes Her lunch and places it in the fridge so She can have it later.

7:30am he wakes up the kids. As they get dressed he makes them breakfast and also their lunches for school.

7:40am he sits down to eat with the kids.

7:45am The babysitter arrives to look after their baby in case his Mistress is not up to looking after it today.

7:50am he bids his Mistress goodbye properly then leaves. he drives the kids to their friends who live near the school where they will play until it is time for them to walk together to the school.

8am he drives off to work.

12noon On his lunch break he calls Her from work to make sure Her morning had gone well and to see if She liked the lunch he made for Her or not. he comments on how he wishes he had a home-based business so he could serve Her all day. his lunch break is over so he apologizes and asks permission to go back to his work.

2:30pm The babysitter leaves the home to go pick up the kids from school.

4:30pm before leaving work he calls home to ask Her if She needs him to pick up anything for Her along the way or to run any errands for Her. She says no.

5pm he leaves work.

5:15pm he stops off at a flower shop on the way home to pick up what he knows to be Her favorite flowers in order to surprise Her.

5:30pm he gets home just in time to start dinner. he pays the sitter so she can leave and once she does he presents the flowers to his Mistress. She loves the flowers so allows him to get changed out of his work clothes before he starts on dinner. As the kids come into the kitchen to see what he is cooking for dinner he scolds them for causing Her trouble in his absence.

5:40pm as dinner is cooking his buddy calls and keeps him on the phone too long and so the dinner burns on the stove. he has to make dinner all over again.

6:30pm they all sit down to eat dinner. She complains about dinner being late.

7pm the kids retire to their rooms to play so he and his Mistress sneak into the bedroom for some private time. She again brings up the issue about dinner being late. he loses his place and argues with Her. he gives Her excuses as to why the first dinner burned then also blames it on the fact that he had a bad day at work. She now gets upset at him for forgetting his place as Her slave. They argue some more. Finally She can't take it anymore and sends him from the room. he storms out and goes to the living room to watch TV as a way to distract himself from what just happened.

8pm he hears the kids from their rooms and realizes he forgot to send them to bed. he makes sure they are in bed then he goes back to watching the movie on TV. he can't concentrate on it. he feels like a heel for arguing with Her and knows he will have to face Her eventually. he decides to face his fate now instead of later. he walks back towards the bedroom.

he hears that She has the small TV on inside. he knocks on the door and waits for Her to allow him to enter. he opens the door and walks in. She's wearing Her black leather catsuit.

he immediately crumbles. In one quick movement he closes the door behind him then drops to his knees beside Her bed. A long winded and lengthy apology flows from his mouth. he apologizes for responding incorrectly during their argument earlier and asks to be punished for it. She tells him to go get "the corrector".

On all fours he crawls over to the closet where the trunk is. he unlocks it, opens it, and withdraws a quiet, yet painful, whip. he places it between his front teeth then crawls back over to where She is standing. She takes it from his mouth then tells him to turn around.

She beats him with it for what feels to him to be at least 30 minutes then She stops suddenly. She hands it back to him so he goes to put it away. She announces to him that since he realized his mistake and has been punished for it that She will now allow him the privilege of being able to call his friend back.

he is overjoyed by Her generousity but tells Her sincerely that he would rather please Her sexually to try to make Her feel better after the terrible things he had said earlier. She is impressed by his suggestion and kisses him deeply. he is in bliss. They make love...their way.

The End (of another average day in the life of a 24/7 lifestyle couple)

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Goddess Lorena invites into a typical day of a 24/7 D/s lifestyle couple. She is quick to point out that little is written about this in a practical sense. It is much more common to find information based on fantasy that is not really possible in an ongoing
relationship. If we prepare ourselves with fantasies and unrealistic expectations it is easy to see how we end up disappointed. In Goddess Lorena’s example we find the slave living as a submissive 24 hours a day. It is his place to remember that and apply it in his daily life. he sleeps on the floor at Her feet, he prepares the meals, he gets the kids off to school, himself to work, etc. Later, the slave stumbles in his efforts to apply his submissive nature by defending himself during a scolding for burning dinner. Oh, he’ll pay, and he does.

We can all relate to his predicament, torn between our need to submit and our desire to be of great value. Why is it so difficult to see the value of being submissive? Why can’t we become very good at applying our submissive nature to real life? Do we think we’re waiting for the right Goddess to come along and “make” us behave? i hope not because, because time is not
waiting for you. we should seize the day! Anything you can do now to develop your submissiveness will only help you when your Goddess steps into your life. Tomorrow, can you apply your submissive nature all day? One day, without fail? It’s hard but, we will learn, let’s try it.

trainee slave marcel k.

Supreme Goddess Lorena, Superior Trainer, You are giving a realistic picture of the way of living of a 24/7 lifestyle couple. It is not at all a 24/7 long during ‘session’. i learned from reading Your articles that the term ‘session’ with regard to a 24/7 lifestyle and also in other D/s relations causes frequently a lot of unhealthy misunderstanding for both partners. When a slave talks about a ‘session’ he mostly expects that his Mistress is willing to treat him according to his fetishes. he likes it to be treated in that way and She is the One who has to manage it, that is often his expectation and at least his hope. And in a 24/7 D/s lifestyle a slave often expects that this way of pampering him will take place on an ongoing base.

In fact these kinds of expectations is the world around. All the submissive males who want to be informed about D/s relations, have since autumn 1999 the possibility to visit Your Fantastic Goddess club website. If there was an award to the best and most informative website it should have gone to Your website. i am absolutely sure about that. i never saw something that is able to stand in the shadow of what You are performing. And You are so clear about fetishes and sessions. So we may hope that this old misunderstanding will disappear some day. Dearest Goddess, You are performing a great mission. Thank You for Your never ceasing effort to bring more clearness in the relation between a Mistress and Her slave.

So W/we know now, thanks to Your Goddess input, what it is not. But what is the alternative? It was a very wise decision of You to write an article about this subject. You are letting U/us see that a 24/7 D/s lifestyle is a way of living together with a clear dividing of the tasks. She has of course the main tasks. She takes all the important decisions for the short and the long run. And She controls her slave, so She can be sure that he is acting in line with Her goals. Besides all these heavy and busy responsibilities, She uses often also a lot of time and effort to train Her slave. Without a proper training a slave will never learn how he can serve Her the best. So She has to make him conscious about his mistakes and poor behaviour. She has to make sure that his behaviour and attitude are improving during their relation and it is necessary for Her to correct him and even sometimes to punish him.

And what is the task of the slave? his main task is to show his gratitude to his Mistress that She is willing to give a content and meaning to his live. What should come out of him without Her indispensable support? So he is allowed to work and make an income for Her and of course in the home it his main task to be in servitude for Her. he has to make sure that Her quality of life is sure. So he has to serve, to cater and to pamper Her and of course he is doing all the simple homework. The time schedule of a day with all the activities done by the slave gives such a valuable information. It shows also that he has to accept all the verbal and nonverbal training inputs of his Mistress. When he is going to argue and to make Her upset he has to apologize of course and he may receive Her beneficial punishment. What a lucky man he is. he is a lot of time in the company of the Woman he adores. he may worship Her every day again. he may express his submissiveness to Her by earning money for Her and he may show his surrender to Her to accept all Her valuable training effort, so that he can become a slave who is worthy to serve Her some day. Can a slave ever be more happy?

So the point is by reading this article, i learned that a 24/7 D/s lifestyle relationship has a clear dividing of tasks. Her main task is to bare the responsibility and to control everything with reagard to their relation. His main task is to serve Her and to show his gratitude on an ongoing base.

Beloved Trainer and Goddess, thank You for Your intelligent and wise training. i am very grateful to You, i love You and i worship You and i like it to be in service with You. Will you please never stop correcting me?

your devoted and grateful trainee slave leo

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