How a slave should apply to a Mistress or Goddess

by Supreme Goddess Lorena
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1. Always start each letter to Her by addressing Her appropriately by Her name and/or title.

2. When addressing Her, make certain you use Her name and not another Woman's name (Believe it or not, many slaves have made this mistake) otherwise She will assume that you have applied to so many Women that you cannot even keep them straight anymore.

3. Spell Her name correctly.

4. Always uppercase at least the first letter of Her name and title. For example, Mine should read Goddess Lorena and NOT goddess Lorena, or worse yet, goddess lorena. Lowercase your own name.

5. Never send a template letter. you should be most serious about applying to Her, and only Her, so you should take the time to address Her personally.

6. Tell Her as much about yourself as you can in the first letter so that She has a good idea what to ask you when replying back to you. However, do NOT write a book or some fantasy scenario.

7. If you have applied to Her before and for some reason She did not accept you or you had changed your mind at that time, then let Her know when re-applying to Her the second time. If you do not admit this from the beginning and She knows that you have applied to Her before then She will either think that you are trying to decieve Her or She will assume that you have applied to so many Women that you do not even remember applying to Her before. She will then wonder why you have been rejected by so many Women. (I have had many slave applicants who apply to Me a second time after applying to Me several months before. they act like they do not even realize it. I tend to assume that when he gave up on applying to Me the first time that he had decided to move on to apply to other Women and I then wonder why it is that after so many months he still has not been accepted elsewhere).

8. Always be honest. For example, if you are married, are a switch, or if you have served other Women in the past then admit it.

9. Always be polite. It is too easy to be anonymous, abusive, misunderstood, and rude in an email and to think that you never have to talk to the person again or that you may never have to face them. Do try to remember that a human being who has feelings is on the recieving end of your email. She is not a computer and She was not put on this earth to be abused and harrassed by you. She is to be treated with upmost respect.

10. Ask Her how you can serve Her instead of listing out your sexual fantasies and fetishes to Her. This will assure Her that you are seriously interested in serving Her and that you do not instead think She exists to cater to your sexual fetishes.

11. End each of your emails with your name. If She assigns a name to you then use that new name.

12. Do not lie about your name or use a nickname. She wants to know that She can trust you.

13. Type your email address correctly so that She can reply back without any hardship.

14. Have an email address that is not crude. For example, if you use an email address of "wetpussylicker", or worse yet "", She will most likely disregard your slave application.

15. Never send a picture in your email or as an attachment until She asks you to send one. She most likely has so many picture attachments that She does not know what to do with them all.

16. When sending a picture that She has asked you for always send it as a jpeg and small in kb size so that it downloads quickly on Her end, unless She specifies otherwise.

17. Never send Her a picture of your penis or your ass unless She asks you to. you are a man, not a penis.

18. Never send a picture that is not your own. If She should ever find out later that you lied about who you are then She will never trust you again.

19. Never send Her a picture of yourself in which another Woman is in the picture with you.

20. When sending Her a picture which She has asked you for, send one that is most recent and one that shows all of you and not just your head, torso, or penis.

21. Answer all of the questions that She asks you.

22. If for any reason Her questions will not show up in the email when replying back to Her then copy/paste Her questions into the email to accompany your answers. It will make it easier for Her to understand when reading your answers.

23. Be patient when waiting to hear back from Her but do answer Her emails immediately upon recieving them.

24. If you do not hear back from Her after one full week then apply to Her again just in case:

-you typed your email address wrong the last time.
-She forgot about you because She is busy or had gone away on holiday.
-She had lost your application.
-For some reason She had not recieved it.
-you had unknowingly offended or upset Her.
-She had misunderstood something you had said due to your inability to communicate properly.

25. If after applying to Her you should ever change your mind about wanting to be Her slave then be most polite about it. you never know when you might change your mind a second time and want to re-apply to Her again or She may know the next Woman you apply to. So you do not want to upset Her and you do not want Her to regret that She invested Her precious time in corresponding with you. Also, always keep in mind that you were the one who had applied to Her.

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In “How a slave should apply to a Mistress or Goddess” Goddess Lorena provides us with some distinct bullet points that slaves should pay attention to when attempting introduce oneself to a Dominant Female. Keep in mind that the manners you display in your application are going to make your first impression on Her. Goddess Lorena is kind enough to share Her thoughts and experience with us to help us avoid stupid mistakes. Take heed, and obey each and every one.

Proper respect in your writing needs to always consider your place as a slave. As Goddess Lorena highlights in Her points one through four, spelling, grammar and case matter. lower case us and Upper Case Them is a common courtesy. Honesty and politeness are also important as Goddess Lorena illuminates throughout her article. It goes beyond, respectful word selection and phrasing should be delivered in a submissive tense. She is more than capable of picking up subtle selfish desires. Even simple operational maneuvers can come across rudely if we aren’t careful. i hadn’t fully considered the implications of sending Goddess Lorena a file attachment without Her direct request or consent. i made this mistake during my early training. i wish i would have paid more attention to Her specific request. She was quite clear but, i missed it. i can see now that sending an attachment to a Goddess is presumptuous and inconsiderate if She has not specifically requested it. That will not happen again, i have learned from my mistake.

If you are attempting to apply to a Mistress or Goddess pay attention to detail and proof read everything before you press send. If we pay attention to all 24 of Goddess Lorena ‘s directions you will be well on your way to making a good first (or second) impression on the Goddess of your dreams.

trainee slave marcel k.

What i have learned from reading this article:

Applying to a Mistress or Goddess is a golden opportunity for a slave. There are many slaves but a good Dominatrix is rare. As a consequence of this demand supply relation between Mistresses and slaves the few Mistresses have a kind of oligopoly. With other words, they don’t have only power by nature, but also by their ‘market-position’. It’s very important for a slave to remember always this powerful situation of a Mistress or Goddess. So the basic rule of applying is: you are the one who applies to Her! She doesn’t need you and She can refuse You. you are the one who needs Her. She is the One who can give worth to Your life. She is the one who can train You to fulfill your destiny in life: being in total service with a real Supreme Goddess.

Every slave should be aware of the importance of the application. he shouldn’t spoil the valuable time of a Goddess or Mistress. And he shouldn’t spoil his chance to be in contact with a Superior Being. It’s necessary to behave well during an application, even more than in a other situations. my advice to every slave who want to apply to a Mistress or Goddess is: be correct, demonstrate your submissiveness and be serious. This means:

Be correct to Her, even in the smallest details:

* formulate your letter carefully

* spell correctly

* if it is the second time, tell Her

* use an decent email address

* copy Her questions above your answers

* give an answer to all the questions

* sent only an appropriate pic if She asks

* end each email with your name

Express your submissiveness in an appropriate way:

* express your respect for Her Superiority

* know your place as a slave

* offer your services to Her

* uppercase the first letters of Her Name and Titles

* lowercase your own name

* be patient when waiting to hear back from Her

* don’t write a fantasy scenario

* tell Her that serving Her gives worth to your life

Be serious to Her and show the best of your qualities:

* be honest to Her

* be polite to Her

* speak the truth to Her

* tell Her about yourself, but don’t exaggerate

* tell Her that you are willing to offer the best of your qualities

The point is: applying to a Mistress or Goddess is a golden opportunity for a slave and should be done in a correct, submissive and serious way. And always should be remembered that the slave is the one who applies to Her. he needs Her to reach his destiny, to become a slave who is worthy to serve a Goddess.

Dear Goddess Lorena, i express my gratitude to You that You did accept my application. Since Your acceptance of my application my life has more worth. Knowing that i may learn to serve You, the most Supreme and Superior Goddess, makes me very happy and humble. i hope You are willing to teach me on an ongoing basis so that i may be able some moment in the future to serve You in a manner that pleases You.

trainee slave leo

First impressions are very important. A Mistress or Goddess, is a Person that any slave should need give a good first impression to, but i suspect that She does not always get the respect that She deserves. Your slave offers his understanding of how best to apply.

1. A slave should remember that any interaction is only done on the terms of a Mistress or Goddess.

2. Ideally a slave should only communicate with a Mistress or Goddess, if invited to do so. For example, if a slave sees an advert, or if he visits the website of a Mistress or Goddess and finds an open invitation.

3. Before applying, carefully read the advert/website of the Mistress or Goddess paying attention to what they have to say. A Mistress or Goddess is often very precise about the wording of such things, so if She says ‘novices need not apply’, and slave is a novice, then slave should not apply.

4. If a slave feels that he may be suitable material for the Mistress or Goddess, and decides to apply, then he must do it as instructed. If a Mistress or Goddess says that She requires an email / telephone call / hand written letter, then that is exactly what slave must provide. Any slave must realise, that, if accepted for training by a Mistress or Goddess, She becomes the most important Person in existence for the slave. It is best that a slave starts with the attitude, that She is the most important person, from the outset.

5. Address Her Properly! Her name and title will be of great importance to Her. It must be remembered by slaves, that they are entering Her world, under Her conditions, by Her grace. Any slave will have to learn to abide by Her rules, and the place to start is with the required form of address.

6. At some point a slave inevitably realises the superiority of a Mistress or Goddess over himself. This relationship is demonstrated by using the upper case for any reference to a Mistress or Goddess, and the lower case first letter for any reference to a slave.

7. Never use an email template or a standard photocopy letter when applying. When applying, make the communication to be seen as individual and specific to the Mistress or Goddess that you have applied to. Every Mistress or Goddess has a strong sense of individuality and personality. Usually they appreciate being treated as special and individual.

8. The first letter should be brief, concise, and covered everything that the Mistress or Goddess has asked about. It should give an outline of the prospective slave enabling the Mistress or Goddess to make an informed decision. Each specific question should be copied with the answer below. This should be done in the same order that the questions are asked. Remember to use units ie. if asked ones weight, do not put: answer 150. This could be kgs. Or lbs..

9. Honesty is essential. Any slave that lies will get found out and possibly dismissed. It is better to tell the truth at all times to any Mistress or Goddess. Although They are strict and demanding, they are also very understanding and know that any prospective slave will be far from perfect. Correcting and developing a slave can be pleasing to many a Mistress or Goddess, but finding that a slave is a compulsive liar is unlikely to endear a slave to his Mistress or Goddess. Give your correct name and email address.

10. Respect a Mistress or Goddess at all times. As previously stated, each Mistress or Goddess is a very individual Person. This does not mean that if a Mistress or Goddess differs from Another, then one is right and the other is wrong. It means that the slave must fully accept and respect every aspect and idiosyncrasy without judgement. A Mistress or Goddess is always right and it is up to the slave to change and adapt. Let this attitude show in the letter.

11. A Mistress or Goddess exists to be served and worshipped, NOT, for the convenience of slaves. Although a slave may be totally besotted by his Mistress or Goddess, the slave must realise that he is just experiencing Her superiority. A slave must not expect anything from a Mistress or Goddess, but should simply grateful for the opportunity of serving. So when writing, a slave must not list what he expects from his Mistress or Goddess, rather, he should list what he is prepared to do.

12. Never send any extras not asked for ie pics.. Mistress or Goddess will have Her own schedule and must not be expected to fit into a slaves’ schedule.

13. Keep a copy of the email sent. If after a reasonable time, 1-2 weeks, no reply has been received, then double check every thing. Did you send the email to the right place? Did you enclose your own correct email address? Is your own email facility working? Is there a message on the Mistress or Goddess’s website stating that She will be away for the next two weeks? Did slaves email deserve a reply on the grounds of being clear, accurate, respectful and honest? If slave believes he has done everything right then he should consider sending a second email explaining that no reply was received from the first but slave is still interested in serving.

14. Should a slave change his mind about serving a Mistress or Goddess, he should tell Her straight away in a polite, sincere and honest way clearly stating why. That way slaves prospective Mistress or Goddess may consider him in the future or even be able to help the slave in his present situation. Mistress’s and Goddess’s are much wiser than slaves, and slaves should always keep them informed of any difficulties their life.

(on his knees…),

Your obedient trainee slave philip j.

This application is likely the most important one in the life of a slave. If it is botched, his life may very well end up in frustration and loneliness. Pro Doms are easy to find but true Goddesses who can bring the best out of slaves are extremely rare. Therefore, a slave should not waste such a golden opportunity to serve by being casual and sloppy. This may be his only chance to make a lasting impression on the prospective Owner. For instance, by addressing his prospective Owner with the appropriate title, he will demonstrate his eagerness to humble himself when in Her presence. Above all, the slave should never make the mistake of  addressing Her with someone else's name. This mistake will likely negate any chances for the slave to be added to the prospective Owner's stable. Using uppercase for the first letter of Her name will demonstrate his ability to pay attention to details which is very dear to a Goddess' heart. A carefully worded letter or application (not a template letter) will demonstrate the slave's seriousness regarding his intentions to serve. The slave should be truthful when giving details about his personal life. Nothing is more insulting to a Goddess than fabricated lies. If She assigns a name to the slave, he should use it and be thankful for this show of affection. Sexually explicit pics are definitely inappropriate if they are not requested. When replying to questionnaires, the slave should always send the question back with his answers. This will enable Her to make a proper assessment of the slave's application. Finally, a respectful and patient attitude is probably the most important factor in the application process. If the slave does not get a prompt response to his application, he should make an attempt to contact her again.
i worship You with all my heart, Supreme Goddess Lorena
Your slave forever, trainee slave daniel t.

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