Body Worship
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Video: Bathing a Goddess

The term "Body Worship" means exactly what it says, to worship a body. What man does not worship Women's bodies? A Woman's body has many curves, less hair, and Her skin is usually soften that a man's. Her vagina looks like a flower with petals and Her buttocks can be full and round. Her breasts maybe small and perky with erect nipples, or large and round with large soft nipples, or some other beautiful formation and size. Even though breasts were created so that Women could feed and nurture their children, some men still remain attracted to breasts even after they reach adulthood. Regardless of the reason, whether it be naturistic, mating, fetish-related, or otherwise, who can blame them? To this day some Women still flash their breasts to get a man's attention (ie: musician groupies, low-cut tops, wet T-shirt contests, strippers, and nude magazines) and some will even enhance the size of their breasts in a desperate attempt to attract men better.

Since some Women expose and exploit their bodies in order to attract men, men often need reminding that a Woman is much more than just body parts. So when you worship a Woman's body remember that it is a way for you to show how much you worship and respect the Woman Herself and not just Her body. (Worship a Woman as a whole, not as a hole.)

But how can a man worship a Woman's body without being disrespectful and using Her for sexual self-gratification? How can you worship Her body without having sex with Her? There are in fact numerous other ways that you can show your adoration for a Woman's beautiful form. Such as by massaging Her body, kissing and worshipping Her feet, washing and combing Her hair, bathing Her body, painting and sculpting Her form through art, and kissing Her body all over (while She has clothes on).

Now the good part...

Performing cunninglus on a Woman is a way to worship Her body during sex (Yes, that is indeed a form of body worship). Many men think of it as being a way to submit to a Woman since many men will not do this for a Woman as they know it only serves the receiver until the receiver later reciprocates. But many submissive men honestly enjoy giving oral and they feel fulfillment in doing it. Thus they do not expect the favor to be returned since they enjoy doing it so much. Ironically though, these men often irritate Women because he will ask to do it all too often and with such continuous pressuring that She eventually becomes convinced that it is more for him than for Her so She will turn down the offer. However, this is the kind of submissive male I allow in My bedroom. A true submissive serves without expecting anything in return. I very much enjoy having My body worshipped in this way and so I do not let the slave stop until I am completely satisfied. I sometimes add further pleasure and enjoyment for Myself by incorporating smothering, whipping, cbt, and nipple torture while he is worshipping My body and bringing Me pleasure with his tongue.

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