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men wanting to dress up like a Woman can be viewed by some as being bi, gay, or even that the person must be crossdressing because he has the desire to eventually have the operation to become a Woman (which is not always the case). To some Female Supremacists it is even seen as being a sacrilege and disrespectful for a man to impersonate a Woman (especially when he does not even do it well because of his beard, beer gut, and hairy legs and chest) since Female Supremacists strongly feel that Women are Superior to men and so no man should dress as a Superior gender. What is the real reason why he wants to do it though?

There are men who feel that they are submitting to Women by being forced to dress and act like a Woman. But does this mean that he thinks that to submit is to be a Woman? Or that to be dressed as a Woman is to be made a submissive? (Some men have alot of pride and find it hard to submit willingly and so like to be forced but because of their male pride they prefer to remain a very masculine man when submitting. Whereas other prideful men will only submit if feminized, thus from his viewpoint he has become a submissive Woman and so he himself, the man, did not have to submit.) If he feels he is being lowered by being dressed as a Woman then is he saying that Women are of a lower status than men? Not necessarily. (Although if he enjoys being called a "bitch", "slut", "whore", etc and he likes to submit to men also then one would wonder.)

To prevent himself from wrongfully thinking of crossdressing for those reasons, he should follow these two main rules:

Rule 1. To dress Feminine not to BE a Woman (a sacrilege since Women are Superior to men) but to submit TO Womankind. (as some men put it, to rid him of his maleness).

Due to this rule, a slave should also never name himself as being a Woman (that would be blasphemy)

Rule 2. Not to dress up as a Woman while thinking that to be made up like a Woman is to be made submissive (insinuating that Women are submissives). (Especially since some men wrongfully refer to this as "Dressing down".)

Due to this rule, a slave should also never use submissive or insulting terms for Women on himself when naming himself. ie: Bitch, Slut, Whore, etc. (that would be blasphemy and being disrespectful of Women)

Though it is actually quite ironic to hear from many men that they want to do it out of respect for Womankind. they say that they worship Women and so they want to do it to show their Mistress, or other people, how much better Women are than men. But whether they realize it or not, many of these men still do feel that it is better to be a Woman so they want to be one whether it is for an hour, afternoon, day, or longer. I have trained a slave who was raised by a Mother who had grown to hate men. Her husband had left Her to raise Her son on Her own and She had constantly implanted in Her son's mind that he was a worthless male species and that all men were scum. So it is not a surprise that he had grown up to hate his gender. he often speaks of ridding himself of his male parts and becoming a Woman and how he hates being a man. But in truth he could never really be a Woman. Changing male parts to Female parts does not make a man a real Women. There is alot more to being a Woman than just having breasts. A person would really have to be born one (I speak from experience).

So once again, is it then wrong for a man to just dress like a Woman or occasionally pretend that he is one? No. As long as he follows the two main rules that I listed above and as long as he does not insult Womankind by portraying Women in an offensive and crude manner, such as by wearing Tammy Faye Baker pancake makeup, big hair wigs, tarantula spider like false eyelashes, high high heels that no real Woman would even think of wearing, enormous breasts, and talking like a very bad impersonation of Marilyn Monroe. A man can dress like a Woman in order to show respect for Women just as long as he does not think that he is a submissive Female or a Superior Woman, and that he can do it better than any real Woman. Because he cannot.

So go ahead and pick up your feather dusters and get to work, My pretty sissy maid. My house needs cleaning and My lacy undergarments need to be washed as well!

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