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The act of face slapping goes back a long time. It was commonly accepted (and expected) for a Woman to slap a man's face if he disrespected Her in anyway. It was also common to slap a child's face for "talking back" to a person of authority, which is where the term "cheeky" came from. It was even well known for a man to slap a man's face with his glove as a way to provoke a dual, usually to defend a Lady's honour when She had been openly disgraced. It would feel humiliating to be slapped as well as shocking if the person had not been expected it. The man might even blush out of embarrassment and shame and quickly walk away, not knowing what to think or do next. Though some men often felt joy in being slapped and they would wear their reddened cheek like a trophy. These men would purposely provoke a Woman until She slapped him. However, on the odd occasion a man might feel aggravated by the slap and feel he did not deserve it and so he would have to try hard to refrain from striking Her back.

But those good olde days of a Woman's right to be able to slap a man for his rude behaviour are regrettably gone and now it can be turned against Her and called an "assault" on the man (Unfairly giving him the go ahead to harrass a Woman to his evil heart's content). I strongly believe that if the legal system brought back a Woman's right to slap a man then men would treat Women with more respect.

So if a man has a fetish of being slapped then a Woman should take full advantage of it. I have slapped men in public (with very good reason!) as well as in private and not all of them had been expecting it or had a face slapping fetish. I have found that there are many men who secretly enjoy having their face slapped. Mainly because men know that they need to be put in their place. Often enough men have told Me that they wish Women would do it more often as Women used to in the past and they also wish it was still legal for Women to do so. To this day I have never had a man try to slap Me back and if he even tried to he would be one sorry little man!

If You are a Woman and You would like to try slapping a man but You are not used to it yet and feel uneasy about doing it then I recommend You first try it on a slave. If that does not help and You still feel nervous then tie Your slave up first. Most men will not even think of slapping You back but if it does worry You then feel rest assured in knowing that he cannot very well slap You back if he is tied up. Slap his cheek, not his nose or jaw, with the palm of Your hand so that it makes a soft slap sound. If his face is thin and does not have much flesh on the cheek then do it with more care. If he wears glasses, remove them first or be extra careful not to hit them. Stop if his cheeks turn from red to a very deep red or purple and also stop if he starts to cry. If You continue to slap him passed this point then You risk either bruising his cheeks or making him lose control (causing him to forget his place as Your slave.) Otherwise, if his cheeks can take more then keep doing it until You are satisified. And if You do not mind, slap him a few times for Me as well!

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