Female Supremacy

female supremacy, matriarchy, gynarchy, female domination, female dominance, femdom, queendom

 female supremacy, matriarchy, gynarchy, female domination, female dominance, femdom, queendom

 female supremacy, matriarchy, gynarchy, female domination, female dominance, femdom, queendom

"Bow to your Superiors, lowly male."

Female supremists strongly believe in the Superiority of Women. There is no selection process or voting on which Women are Superior and which Women are not. Instead ALL Women are Superior to ALL men. Since they believe all Women are Superior, a true Female supremist, whether they themselves are a man or a Woman, is against any Woman being dominated by any person, including by Women. So in a world ruled by Women, the Women are equal to one another, no man (or Woman) would dominate a Woman, and Women would dominate all men. Anything that goes against these strong beliefs would be considered a serious crime in such a world.

Why do Female supremists feel Women are Superior to men? Here are just some of the reasons why they might feel this way:

1. Women give life and in general most Women will nurture this life, whereas the majority of people who take life (kill it) are men.

2. Women will adopt children that are not their own and raise it and love it as though it were their own whereas men will usually only care for and protect his own bloodline.

3. As children, Girls will play with dolls and learn how to care for and nurture babies as well as kittens, puppies, and other innocent life. But young boys will play with guns and learn to shoot and kill. They will also build and construct things with bricks and blocks but will find greater pleasure in knocking it down and being destructive.

4. Teen Girls will seek out a mate in the hopes of having a steady relationship, finding Her soulmate and future husband, and/or to be loved. Teen boys will seek out a Girl who is willing to have sex with him.

5. Women plan ahead and care for the environment and Mother Nature whereas the majority of men think for the moment and do not consider the consequences of their actions until the damage has already been done. They then try to "fix it" after the fact.

These are just a few examples. More of the differences between men and Women can be found in My article "How men Differ From Women".

Keep in mind these examples have been generalized. Not all Women and men are like this. Some Women can be malicious and cruel (which is why some Female Supremists will admit that some Women are more Superior than others) while a man can be very caring and thoughtful of others. But the majority of the sexes will be as stated above and it is these reasons why Female supremists believe that Women are Superior to men.

There are not many true Female Supremists in this world which We/we live in today. The proof is all around you. Everywhere you look you will see men dominating Women, or trying to, and on the internet alone you can visit thousands of websites showing pictures of Women being dominated by Women, as well as by men. One male slave told Me that when he went to a seminar on the legal issues and restrictions of being a website owner, the instructor had informed them all that it is illegal to show pictures of men being bound, dominated, or tortured against their consent but it is acceptable to show Women doing it to other Women. (Apparently this symbolizes Women doing it to "themselves", as though a group of Women were thought of as being just one entity). Learning this rule of thumb had appalled this male slave. This rule maybe the reason why you will find such a large number of pictures on FemDom websites showing Women dominating other Women instead of men. But to a male slave, it is very disappointing because he would much rather see the Women in the scenes dominating a man so that he can invision himself as being that lucky man.

But FemDom, or Female domination (Women being Dominant, not dominated), is not as popular as regular BDSM (if it can be termed regular) so another reason why you will not find many pictures of Women dominating men is because many website owners find it to be much more profitable to show the common scenario of Women being submissive (whereas I Myself find it difficult to even type a line with the words "submissive" and "Women" being in relation to one another).

Also, it maybe surprising for you to know that when asking hundreds of individual males who state they are submissive if they have ever switched, dominated a Woman, thought about trying it, or would they ever consider trying it, more than half of them answer "Yes".

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