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Mistress's pet

Many slaves have this fetish. However, not all slaves can handle being humiliated because not everyone has the same opinion of what "humiliation" means. To some it may mean having their face slapped where as others may think that having to lick up his Mistress's spit or to have to lick his own cum may be much more humiliating. Also, what one slave might find as being humiliating may be thought of as being more of a privilege or a treat to another slave.

Other ways in which some slaves might feel humiliated might be:

-Having to act like a dog
-Being stripped naked while others around him are fully dressed
-Being forced to wear Women's clothing.
-Being Her table, chair, coatrack, or footstool for endless hours without having any attention from Her whatsoever
-Having to wear a dunce cap and/or to sit in the corner
-Being made to beat himself
-Being scolded
-Being laughed at
-Having to eat Her scraps or to chew Her used gum
-Being trampled
-Having to lick Her boots or shoes clean after She has walked in mud (or worse yet, dogshit)
-Cleaning Her toilet with his toothbrush, his barehands, or his tongue
-Supplying the shirt he is wearing as a towel for Her to wipe Her dirty hands on
-Having to watch or listen as another slave gets to pleasure Her

There are so many different ways to humiliate a slave and every slave might see and take it differently so a slave should know that even though humiliation may be his fetish, not all things done to him are in order to fulfill that fetish. he should always remind himself to remember his place as a slave regardless of what is done to him and how he feels about it. (A slave's only purpose is to SERVE his Mistress/Goddess/Owner. If he does not think his purpose is to serve his Mistress/Goddess/Owner then he is not really a slave and should not name himself so.)

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