Long Hair Fetish
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I have always liked having My hair long. I have had it long ever since 1980 and three times I had grown it past My waist. When I started this website My hair had been waist length but in early 2000 I had cut it to bra length again. I feel that every Woman looks better with longer hair than with short hair but some Women do look better with it being not too long as it may not suit Her facial features or body structure. In the past it easily seperated Women from the men and so some Women cut their hair short in order to portray a men to be better respected as one (Joan of Arc being one of those Women). Having long hair can also make a Woman look much more Feminine. For this reason many artists love painting Women of the medievel era (with their long wavy tresses gently carressing their shoulders and bosoms and cascading down the entire length of their bodies). For many eras Women of different cultures have kept their hair long from birth and for many it was even expected of them. It was a giant leap for Women of the 1920's to drastically cut their hair to very short lengths (Befittingly called the "bob" or "pageboy" cut). Because of that change, many Women have seperately made themselves known for their beautiful long locks. Juliet, Lady Godiva, Rapunzel, Paulina Porzticova, Cher, Crystal Gayle, and Jane Seymour to name a few.

Some men have a fetish for long hair on Women (you yourself maybe one of those men). The reason why could be that he feels it makes Her look more Feminine, he likes the feel of Her soft hair fall or brush up against him, he likes to brush it for Her and admire it knowing that he cannot enjoy having such long hair himself, or perhaps he is a romantic and Her long hair simply reminds him of a time when a Woman could be more soft spoken and dainty and still be treated with respect because men were raised to be more mannerly and were expected to act with more chivalry towards a Lady.

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See My hair at just above waist length left hanging down freely and also pulled back in a long ponytail:

The Life of a slave

See My hair at waist length and in a long ponytail:

How to Worship a Goddess


In another video Meet Goddess Boss I have My hair at waist length and it is not pulled back. The video is no longer sold in Goddess club but if you would like to specially order it from Me you may email Me.

See numerous LARGE pictures of Me and another Goddess of Goddess club posing beautifully with Our long brunette and blonde hair:

Hair Fetish Picture Album

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