Oral servitude, oral worship, oral sex, and cunnilingus
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"Pleasure Me."

Cunnilingus, oral worship, oral servitude, giving oral, performing oral, going down on Her, ...whatever you may want to call it, it is only but one thing. Serving Her. It is for Her and not for you. So often a slave will offer to do this supposedly for Me but by the way he offers, how often he offers, how insistant he becomes, and by how he acts when I decline proves to Me that he is not wanting to do it for Me at all but only for himself. A true slave should realize that it is something he should be doing to Her but only for Her and so if She does not want it then he should not be feeling disappointed at all.

A slave does feel great satisfaction in giving it though so this is why they tend to start wanting it for their own fulfillment and mistakenly forget that he is doing it for Her. he may like feeling "forced" (the kind of slave who foolishly says things like "make me do this") or he may like doing it because it makes him feel pleased knowing that he is pleasing his Mistress. Some slaves think of giving oral as being something that someone would do to submit to the other person so when he is being "made" or "told" to go down on Her then he feels that he is submitting to Her.

There are many different ways to give oral and no two Women are alike. There are of course some more commonly known ways that many Women like it to be done but since there are many ways of doing it and all Women differ and since She may be in the mood for something different at times then it really does just require some experimentation and great observation in order to do it well. Many techniques can be learned from My article titled "Oral Sex".

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