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Video: The Life of a slave

When most people envision a FemDom, they imagine a leather clad and whip wielding Dominatrix (Cat Woman is My personal favorite whip wielding Woman). For many men, to be dominated is to be beaten into submission. A crop is a popular dominating and punishing tool but more commonly used is the whip.

There are many kinds of whips. Cat of nine tails, bull whip, signal whip, and flogger, to name a few. A Cat-of-nine-tails, as you guessed it, has nine strips of leather. The strips are flat and are longer than that of a flogger. A bull whip is a long whip, similar to what Indiana Jones used in the movie. It has one very long piece of leather that is smooth, round, and braided or weaved together. If one knows how to use it well, it can be used to target things from afar and even to grab and wrap around something. If the long piece of leather should ever get bent out of shape then it will no longer work properly so it is best to have one that is made well. A signal whip is most often used for training dogs, lions, and horses. It can be flicked to crack along the ground or high above the head. There are different qualities of leather used in making whips. Cowhide and kangaroo leather are the two most common.

All whips must be used with caution and great knowledge. Some websites which sell whips also sell videos that teach how to use the whip properly. A person should not be beaten on the spine, kidneys (on each side of the lower back), ribs, face, head, breast, stomach, foot, hand, or genital area. Only the back of the upper thighs and the buttocks are a safe area. A whip should also not cut into the skin and be forewarned that hepatitis can be spread through a whip (or any other bdsm equipment for that matter) if used on an infected person and then another person, even if within days after.

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The Life of a slave

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