Chastised slave

Article One

Living in chastity is one of the hardest things i have done. i have gone from climaxing several times a day to only climaxing on a Holy Day and then with my Owner's permission. To began with i committed the crime of climaxing without my Owner's permission. Her Holy Image made this very hard, since She is a very, very good looking Woman. i failed several times and had to confess my guilt to my Owner and to plead for Her mercy and forgiveness as the male sex drive is hard to control. i tried putting clothes pegs on my nipples and beating myself to inforce my control.

In the end SUPREME GODDESS LORENA decided She had to take control of my penis as i had failed. This has made it far easlier. Also when i do climax it is an act of worship to the Goddess and the thoughts i have at that moment must be respectfully and submissive to Her. But i must remember i have no right to climax and the Goddess may decide to let me go without and i must remember to accept this if it happens as Her word is law. If She decides i must be hot, throbbing and frustrated i must be prepared to suffer for Her amusement.

Thank You Goddess for allowing me to have a climax at all.

devoted slave christopher (property of Supreme Goddess Lorena)

Copyright © 2003, 2004, All Rights Reserved.

Be chastised and trained by Supreme Goddess Lorena: Slave Training Program

Article Two


i, like many wanna be slaves, applied to Supreme Goddess Lorena for acceptance into Her slave training program. Many reasons flooded my mind, but none so powerful than i simply just needed to obey, submit and please a higher female authority—Supreme Goddess Lorena.

Then i received training rule #4:

“Seek Permission. (a good slave asks permission for all things.) you will always ask permission to have a sexual release/climax/orgasm. If I grant you such permission it must be done by obeying My strict instructions. I will only consider your plea and send you these instructions if you have been doing well in your training and if you have been showing your appreciation.”

i was shocked. It was not a game. If i were truly serious about this training i no longer had control of my orgasm. Just like that, as though the power of Supreme Goddess Lorena leapt out from the computer and placed a lock on it.

At first i was in terrible pain. Like many, prior to receiving this rule, i had free reign over my climaxes—to the point that they became a meaningless physical deed. Unfortunately, one cannot simply turn off the faucet. Therefore, my body starved for an orgasm like a hunger panged street beggar. The pain became so unbearable that I questioned my sanity. In fact my mind became mush—a fact not lost on Supreme Goddess Lorena.

Supreme Goddess Lorena knew that the orgasm denial and my withdrawal was a painful but necessary process if i were to advance as a slave. She knew that She must purge me of my selfish ways. i begged and pleaded for an orgasm and whined about my suffering. She was merciless, telling me that She enjoyed my suffering and that i should be proud to have the honor of suffering for Her amusement. During my pleas, while my mind was transforming and vulnerable, She struck hard, emblazoning Her dominance and Her superiority over me. Finally, after demonstrating my obedience, showing my appreciation and outright groveling, She relented and granted me permission to climax in accordance with Her exact instructions. It was the best orgasm of my life. It was the best because it had purpose. It was the best because it was no longer about me, but about Supreme Goddess Lorena. It was indeed an honor to suffer for Supreme Goddess Lorena.

What had been missing, was purpose. In chastity, i’ve surrendered my body, mind and spirit to the will of Supreme Goddess Lorena—it is pure love, completeness and happiness. All thought, action and belief are subordinate to Supreme Goddess Lorena’s will at all times. i feel incomplete until Supreme Goddess Lorena gives me purpose by expressing Her will, desire or need.

i’ve learned that selfish personal sexual release is illusory. Short term sexual release does not even come close to the sheer joy and ecstasy i felt knowing that my suffering and climax pleased Supreme Goddess Lorena.

submitted by slave-trainee evan

Copyright © 2004, All Rights Reserved.

Be chastised and trained by Supreme Goddess Lorena: Slave Training Program

Article Three

i have been the proud slave of Supreme Goddess Lorena for over a year now. i first applied to be Her slave and was not sure i would be approved by Her. But after some considerations She accepted to train me. Right away i was given assignments to prove myself and rules to abide by. Amongst the rules i was given there was one that i was not expecting or had even considered. This rule was chastity, i was to reach climax only under Her commands, and only on specified days when, and if i had behaved myself and had served Her well.

In the very beginning i honestly freaked out, i was used to doing what i wanted anytime i wanted. i had never been owned or had never been anyone's slave. i was what you might say the perfect example of what most modern men are nowadays. Selfish, arrogant, belligerent, unable to appreciate Women unless they were beautiful. men tend to hide their feelings because they consider them not a positive thing but instead a vulnerable point which they have to hide in their lives. i did however trust Supreme Goddess Lorena, and this concept became the basic parameter in the new chapter of enslavement that had developed, and which made perfect sense after a while.

It is commonly appreciated that men are by nature nonmonagomous, and us men in Our/our society are encouraged to be nonmonogomous while Women are punished by this.

Given the fact that i was an untrained male, the first few times my Owner chastised me i was not able to hold out the amount of days specified, finding myself begging for relief way before the time had elapsed. Looking back on those days now i must have sounded embarrassingly desperate to my Goddess. i clearly remember one time when i had mailed Her suppliantly pleading for a climax before the Holy Day had arrived, i had been chastised for a few days but still had some way to go, frustrated and terribly horny after an hour of not receiving a response i sent in another mail, an another one, and another one. my Owner noticing my desperation, answered. Showing Her leniency and wisdom She solved the situation by giving me two ways out of my predicament, even managing to make me smile with one of Her many marvelously playful comments. Those days were difficult for me. Sometimes i would literally send my mail shaking and trembling, begging for permission, not knowing if my Owner would allow me to climax or would choose to extend it just a few more days.

i did not want to cheat on myself by climaxing without Her permission. Most of all i did not want to cheat on my Goddess by climaxing without Her approval. i wanted to be a true slave to Supreme Goddess Lorena, with all its implications and no half ways.

i would ask myself why i was willingly surrendering my freedom, i have to be honest and say i did not have any answers, but something inside me told me to see it through, trust my Owner, and everything would be alright.

After a couple of months, and after i started enjoying the erotic power my Owner had over me, my desperation and confusion started to dissipate. i did not constantly have one thought in mind (sex) but was able to relate to people, and socialize. my belligerent nature had softened. Even though sometimes the period of chastity was perceived to be long by me it was not as before always on my mind. i started to appreciate Women, looking at Them through another prism, perceiving Their superiority, and power They had over us men. my climaxes started to increase in its intensity and to me that was it. Or so i thought.

It was around this time last year after i had grown closer to my Owner when She told me that time had come for me to deepen my submission towards Her. In all honesty i did not have a clue what She was talking about. i mean there was me with true improvements on the way i perceived life, totally focused on Her commands. How much deeper could i go? i could not possibly think of anything more exciting than the moments when i would exchange mails with my Owner, and resulted in something to amuse or please Her. That alone was gratifying and the best feeling in the world!

Then Supreme Goddess Lorena, through more specific commands broke any inhibitions, second thoughts, or resistance that i might have had in my beliefs on the dominance of the Female over the male and specially Her dominance over me. Showing what pleased Her during the rituals, Her sensuality and erotic powers increased, this time making my climaxes grow not only in its intensity, but also in its duration!

As i climaxed the muscles in my stomach would sometimes cramp. i knew there was not a drop left in me. The peace obtained afterwards i had never experienced before.

Another day i was commanded to lick the bottom of Her shoes, at first i hesitated but later gave in always trusting my Owner. It later became natural to me, now i cannot wait for Her to command me to lick Her shoes clean, smell the scent coming from them or from Her feet. Her pleasure became my pleasure and Her commands my focus.

Of course just like the man i am, i have managed to unintentionally fail in pleasing my Goddess a couple of times. This failure in pleasing Her resulted in my losing Her favors, which in turn means a change of Her kind and caring ways for harsher and stricter ones and no climaxing when i was supposed to. There is nothing better in this world as when Supreme Goddess Lorena is pleased with you and Her sentences finish in "My slave" or even better "My good slave." There is nothing worse as when you fail to please Her, lose Her favors, and She ends Her sentences in a harsh and much stricter "slave!" Or even worse She ignores you until you mend your ways. Of course this also brings as a result that you will not be allowed to climax until either you have corrected the fault or have suffered enough for Her, and in Her honor. On those two occasions i have had to walk around ignored for some time with the tip of my penis moist from my wanting to climax and pain in my groin. Believe me i have learned, i always serve Her in the best of my abilities, and i think the best way to this is not thinking what She wants but actually knowing it. i also show Her my gratitude for having the opportunity of serving and worshipping Her.

Because of my job i need to socialize a lot, i am not what you might call a loner. i am tall and always liked sports. i have according to my Owner good social skills. i was not however fulfilled. It was after i accepted my submission to Her, became Her property and slave, understood Her erotic power and sensuality which increased and multiplied through my chastity, that i perceived She was a true Goddess Whose many talents embodied Female Supremacy. It was through Her brilliant training that i felt complete.

She has given me life, and in my chastity i owe Her my perfect devotion, it is my belief and understanding that i will always be in debt to Her, and will never be able to give back any of the presents She has bestowed upon me. It was She Who gave me the glory of submission to the Supreme Female. Not even if i serve Her through the duration of my life will i be able to repay Her.

Thank You my Owner. You will always occupy a place in my heart, soul and in my life.

devoted worshipper slave luis
(property of Supreme Goddess Lorena)

Copyright © 2003, 2004, All Rights Reserved.

Be chastised and trained by Supreme Goddess Lorena: Slave Training Program

Article Four

Being Chastised for Supreme Goddess Lorena

by devoted worshipper slave jeff (property of Supreme Goddess Lorena)

Two years ago, i visited the website of Goddess Club. i entered the Goddess Club reverently, the very first time that i entered the main web page, i felt feelings of awe and wonder through me. As i knelt beneath the Holy Image of Holy Goddess Lorena and groveled as i entered the Goddess Club, i was washed with a wave of submission and i felt Her Holy Power radiate from the Image. i felt as if i were being judged by Her, and i felt so incredibly blessed to be allowed to kneel and grovel beneath Holy Divine Goddess Lorena.

i entered the Holy Temple (which is the impression that formed in my mind from the reflections of the Goddess Club Website) and immediately went to the Lorenaism Website. i was floored with the Power and Holiness that flowed from Holy Supreme Goddess Lorena, i read Her Commandments that She had presented there and i knew that Holy Goddess Lorena deserved to be worshipped and adored by all men.

i wrote to Her, sending a tribute and asked for the Video "How to Worship a Goddess II" and for the Lorenaism Picture Album since after reading Her Holy Words on the Website, i felt incredibly drawn to kneel and worship Her as my Deity, i wanted to learn more.

Her Reply back to me was so Gracious and Beautiful, even though She did not imply or state that i should in any way do anything. i received the Package in the mail a few days later, and i felt strongly that i should get Holy Goddess Lorena's permission to open it, even though She had not instructed me to do this and had simply thanked me in my interest in Goddess Club in Her First Letter to me. Holy Goddess Lorena Graciously instructed me on when and how to open the package and was Most Powerful and Divine.

To state my reaction to seeing Holy Goddess Lorena being worshipped as a Holy Deity in the Video would be impossible to do with words. i immediately dropped to my knees and also worshipped Her even as Her slave was doing. Nothing could be more right and proper, as i worshipped Her, i knew this and i trembled in passion as i worshvior and i trembled and groveled as i felt Her Power and i begged forgiveness for weakness and She forgave me my sins and continued to teach and train me.

i looked forward to each Holy Day of Lorenaism as it was usually a chance for me to climax in worship of Holy Sexy Goddess Lorena. i grovel beneath Her Beauty, openly praying and begging to service and worship Her Beautiful Body, in open lust everytime i kneel and worship Her. Supreme Goddess Lorena eventually taught me that while She tolerated my climaxes in my worship sessions of Her, that She felt i was being selfish and greedy, placing my desires above Hers which is a sin against Lorenaism and showed weakness in my dedication to Lorenaism. i was awestruck with Her Words to me and i trembled as i begged and prayed to Her for Her Will to be made known to me and She told me that i should please Her more by suffering in lust and desire for Her but not climaxing during the Holy Days and throughout the other days as well. She has given me instructions on how to punish myself if i feel the urge to climax, which is very often and i do it groveling and kneeling beneath Her Divine Image which only increases my desire and lust and it sends me into a tremendous rush of emotions as i suffer and struggle to control my selfishness as i grovel and worship Holy Goddess Lorena.

Holy Goddess Lorena has recently restricted my climaxes to no more than once a month and it is an incredible torture to lust and worship for Her while being unfulfilled, but it is also an incredibly powerful emotion knowing that you are Exalting and Worshipping Goddess Lorena as Deity without selfish physical reward, but instead being rewarded by whatever means Holy Goddess Lorena chooses to reward You with. i pray to Holy Goddess Lorena constantly, emailing Her frequently as i convey my worship, emotion, and thoughts to Her for Her Judgement.

Supreme Holy Goddess Lorena has told me that She thinks permanent chastity would be a good idea, and i almost collapsed to the floor as i thought about the consequences of such a decision if and when it is made by Her, but any amount of Amusement or Pleasure received by Holy Supreme Goddess Lorena would be worth eternal suffering on my part. i am so
grateful that Holy Goddess Lorena has Graciously taught me that Her Pleasure is what matters, not mine. Even now, i look at Her Image and am filled with lust and desire, worshipping Her and desiring Her all at once, craving Her yet denied pleasure and i pray this pleases Her as She Judges my worship.

Supreme Goddess Lorena has recently taken ownership of me, and has indicated that She will eventually permanently chastise me, i do not know when. i grovel and tremble in lust, worship and awe of Her, praying and begging that such torture would please Her or amuse Her and i beg to be a worthy slave to suffer such a fate, if it pleases Holy Goddess Lorena. i am begging and praying for Her to do it with a piercing and chastity device with breakable screws which have been filed down, because even though i am very disciplined, i do not believe i could endure such torture without physical constraint. Even now i shudder at Her Beauty and Power and tremble in desire of Her, She is Flawless, Perfect, Beautiful.

Copyright © 2004, All Rights Reserved.

Be chastised and trained by Supreme Goddess Lorena: Slave Training Program



Dear Supreme Goddess Lorena,

Reading the articles written by Your trainee slaves is interesting and challenging. There are many thoughts that come up when reading the many articles written by these devoted slaves. i learned a good number of things as i went through them.

One of the things learned was that there are others with feelings like mine. These feelings seem to bother me because i seem to feel that i'm different. i guess maybe i am because of these feelings. i tend to have a hard time with that. i could take almost all of these writings and put my name as the author because the feelings and thoughts are so similar to mine.

Much is said of Your beauty Goddess and well it should be but as i read these writings Your other real strengths seem to come out. i saw words like kind, caring, sincere, sophisticated, intelligent, superior, wonderful just to name a few. Those are the characteristics that set You apart from other so called mistresses etc.. These are the things that make You Supreme!

Several slaves expressed positive feelings because You worked with them even though they knew nothing of what was going on. i sure can relate to that. It also seems that a good number like myself found You after searching the internet. Like myself they too were not please with what they found until they found You.

One item that ran the same with all slaves including myself, was the fact that the slaves were very intent on serving and making You happy. It seemed very, very important to all of them. i got the feeling that if i were in a room watching as You worked anyone of these slaves i would hear You never have to raise Your voice because they would be so very eager to please You. If indeed You did become upset with them and disapproved i get the impression that they would head for the nearest corner and just curl up and wish to die. i believe it is that important to them.

i also noticed that they all as well as myself seemed to have high respect for You. i believe You demand this and because of that You receive it. i can remember the first e-mail i sent to You. i was vanilla and didn't know enough to use Your title. What a mistake that was. i can tell You i learned and i have used it every time since and will always use it. i'm no dummy.:) :) ( well maybe i am sometimes) :) :)

It seems that many of the slaves mentioned a drawing toward You. Like they were getting closer as time went on. i must admit, i have noticed that, it's kind of spooky. i thought it might be Your perfume :) :) (just kidding). i kind of feel like i am on a sled riding going down this big hill and gaining speed toward You i put out my feet to slow down and nothing seems to happen. i just keep going and what is so weird, i don't seem to mind. i guess that is because i must be enjoying it.

It is also quite apparent that all these slaves hold You in high esteem and that i'm sure comes from the way You treat them.

i also read the new writings on "Chastised slave" and am not sure if that should be included in this or not. Being a male, i certainly could be empathic to those sorry soles. The need to climax for the male is like eating, breathing,and sleeping, it is almost uncontrollable. It is so powerful that it can drive a male nuts at times. That is why we act so foolish i guess.

What simply amazes me is the fact that You Supreme Goddess have unbelievable power. It is one thing to have a male use a belt or have a lock and key for control. It is another to have a slave hundreds or thousands of miles away do so at the Your very command or instruction. That is simply unadulterated raw power.

If someone told me a few months back that i would be asking for permission to climax from a Woman/Goddess i hardly knew i would have said------Ya right------Well here i am doing it and totally under Your control ---- it is unbelievable.

i am sure that when Your slaves get their rules and see the need to ask for permission they stop and gulp. i admit that i took a pause and thought a bit. i then remembered what my thinking was when searching the web. Slavery is not a session or something to use a safe word. It is where i am the slave and the Goddess decides what She wants and i do it. That may not be to my liking but that's too bad i'm the slave and it's my duty to carry out Her wishes. If i really feel that way then i had better do as You instructed and act like a slave.

After remembering this i also remembered a former coach that said (if you are going to talk the talk you better be ready to walk the walk). So i figured i better start walking the walk.

i will admit that when i ask You for permission it was somewhat embarrassing and certainly a very humbling experience. It certainly made me feel very humble, like a slave and under Your complete control. The truth is i didn't care, i did it because You wanted me to i have nothing to say about it, i am just the slave and i need to follow Your orders.

As for You Goddess, You can be sure that when a slave agrees to this on just Your instruction that he is without a doubt Your slave and under Your total control. i say this because a male does not do this easily nor take this lightly. It is his last stand, when he gives this up, he is Yours completely.

The embarrassment and humility the slave suffers every time he comes to his Goddess for permission degrades the slave to complete submission. he has now given up everything and is totally and completely submissive.

Just one more thing Goddess, i must say that You are a very fortunate Goddess. All theses slaves are so passionate and devoted to serving You. They want to please You so badly and try so hard to do so. However because they are males and Your standards are so high they sometimes fall short. This saddens them as they feel they have failed You. As a whole, i would say that they are very good slaves and serve You well. Why is that? It is because of You My Supreme Goddess. You are a fantastic trainer and because of You Supreme Goddess these slaves will do anything to try and please You. They should indeed thank You and be forever grateful for the fine work You have done with them.

Goddess do that fine work with me!

Yours, trainee slave jim b.

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