Oral Sex

by Supreme Goddess Lorena
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"Pleasure Me, My slave."

Oral sex is an extraordinary subject. It was taboo to talk about up until the 1970's when many books on sex came out. Those books would not have come out if it was not for all the "free love" of the sixties and the "experimental" sex of the seventies.

Many Women are unable to climax without relying on extra stimulous such as oral sex. Women can be somewhat satisfied having sex without "coming" (cumming) but if this happens on a regular basis she would eventually lose all interest in sex.

Alot of men have a hard time wanting to perform oral on a Woman. Here are some of the reasons why:

-When he does it he feels as though he is submitting to Her and he does not like that feeling.

-he does not like to do it so will only do it if She will reciprocate by doing oral on him right after he is done doing it for Her.

-he feels uncomfortable doing it because he feels he does not know what he is doing and does not like looking inexperienced.

-he resents having to do it everytime they have sex since She cannot come another way.

-he wants to prove he is capable of making Her climax with his penis, otherwise he feels inadequate.

-Or the more common reason is: he worries if She takes too long to come his tongue will fall off or his jaw will lock.

It is very important for Women to educate men on what makes Her feel good by being more vocal during sex and to let him know that the way he did it last time was great but that it does not necessarily mean that today She wants it the same way again. men have a hard time with that. they prefer knowing that they finally understand Woman and know how to please them sexually as well as in other things. they get confused when they find that a Woman's wants, needs, and desires change from day to day, or with some Women, from one minute to the next.

While performing oral on a Woman, men should be willing to be more observant to what She is saying and to how She is reacting. he should be able to tell the difference between if She is getting bored, too sensitive in a certain area, uncomfortable, not relaxed enough, distracted by things around Her, or is about to come.

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How To Perform Oral Sex On A Woman

1. Get Her in the right mood. Seduce Her, caress Her lovingly, touch Her gently, etc. Foreplay of gentle kisses and touching will help relax Her and get all of her nerves tingling inside.

2. Make certain She is in a comfortable position. you should be comfortable as well. (Or UNcomfortable if that is what you prefer).

3. Do NOT start with your fingers or a sextoy unless She tells you to. Orgasm is like a boiling pot. Start off at a low temperature, work up to a bubble, then let it come to a boil. Putting a lid on it helps to bring it to a boil. (Never ever use saliva on your finger as a lubricant. Not only is that a turn off to Her when you apply that gob of spit to Her vagina but it is degrading to "spit" on a Woman, even if it is in the name of sex.

4. As you lick the area, listen for Her reaction if you are unable to see Her expressions. If She is trying to move away from your tongue or is scrunching up Her eyebrows then you might want to move your tongue differently or to a different area. It is not an exact science because each Woman is different and what she liked last time may differ from this time.The key things to remember are:

-Try a variety of tongue movements.
-Try licking in a different area if there is not much of a reaction from Her.
-Stick to the same movement or area if She seems to be enjoying it.

5. When She seems to be coming do NOT change whatever it is that you are doing because it is that which is making Her come. you may want to go one pace faster though to increase the height of Her "fireworks". If you do change whatever it is you are doing She may lose the orgasm. If it is lost early enough it can be regained but if She was already in the middle of coming and you stopped or changed then the fireworks will have been "put out" and cannot resurface at all. She will have come but without much feeling or enjoyment for Her.

6. Do NOT assume when She is finished coming. She may be having a long orgasm and the longer the better. It may even lead to multi-orgasms! Women come differently than men. men only feel it within their sex organ where as Women feel it throughout their whole body. It feels like lightning or electric shocks (only less painful). It will release any stress She feels and that is why they say that when a Woman is acting "bitchy" that She has not had sex in awhile.

7. At the end of Her orgasm She will shutter, quake, or twitch. It is at this time that She may ask you to stop or She may just tap you on the head to indicate to you that She is finished. This is the best time for Her to have intercourse (IF She wants to) because Her body will be alive with feeling inside and so She will feel more. This is why some Women like to stop you before you make Her come so that She can finish coming with intercourse instead.

8. Round Two:

Her clitoris will be very sensitive after She comes so you will notice that if you continue to lick there Her body will twitch and She may even push you away from it. If you want Her to come a second time you will have to wait until the sensitivity subsides. Keep in mind the "second coming" always takes longer to happen and may not have as big of fireworks as the first.

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Oral Hygiene

Your mouth should not have any cuts or sores in it or around it. An open cut/sore can transmit Aids (HIV) and an open cold sore can create herpes. Herpes could then become a reoccurring problem for Her.

She should not have any sores, rashes, or unusual foul smelling odours from the area. If you see something to be concerned about ask Her gently without breaking the mood. You do not want to risk ruining a beautiful moment over what could very well be nothing. She may smell strong if She has a STD but also if She has a yeast infection or if She just ate something different for lunch. you might try suggesting to shower or bathe Her but it you are concerned that it might be something more serious than cleanliness then another option is to use one of the following:

-Use a large square of plastic wrap over Her vagina (although She might find the crinkling sound distracting).

-Use a plastic shield that is made for this purpose. You should be able to find it in most pharmacies or a sex shop.

-Use a condom on your finger instead of using your tongue.

-Use a sextoy instead of your tongue.

If you are still too concerned to do any of the above options then suggest to Her that you both get a physical or check up done. Make it fun by going in together to get the both of you checked at the same time and try to get both of your results back at the same time. If both of you turn out to be clean then celebrate with a night of wild sex!

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