Academy For Slaves

by Academy trainee slave andre l.

I decided to get in the training program of the Academy for Slaves because i am a strong believer in Female Supremacy.

I have to admit that even so I know my place in life I don’t always act and think the way i should. It is one thing to say you believe in Female Supremacy but another to life your live this way.

Therefore i am really happy that i found the Academy For Slaves so that Mistress La Reigna and the other Mistresses of the Academy can help me to become a better slave that even one day might be worth to be owned by a Mistress.

Mistress La Reigna and the other Mistresses of the Academy told me to start with the basic obedience training. That was a very wise decision as i soon found out that there are a lot of things i never thought about or realised. While reading some articles of the other trainees i realised how many mistakes i already did in just one week.
I keep a list of those things and other useful advises in my training book.

I have to say that it fills me with proud to repeat my slave oath every day and every time i got mail i hope it is a mail from Mistress La Reigna or the other Mistresses of the Academy.

I am very happy that i have been accepted as a slave in training at the Academy For Slaves.

trainee slave andre l. (In training at Academy For Slaves)

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