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 Slave Training Program

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 slave training, male slave training, online slave training, email slave training, submissive male training, slave husband training, slave training program, trained slave, email slave, owned slave, slave contract, contract slave, contract slavery, 24/7 slave, 24-7 slave, 24/7 slavery, 24-7 slavery, humiliation, teasing and denial, chastity, orgasm control, orgasm denial, femdom, slave, fetish, dominant women, dominant woman, female supremacy, matriarchy, matriarch, gynarchy, gynosupremacy, gynecocracy, goddess, goddess worship.

Obey Me
"Serve and obey Me."

Do you want to be trained? Do you want to be a better slave?
Do you want to know how to serve Women properly so that they will be more pleased with you?

Be trained to obey and to beg permission
From the video
"School Mistress"

Learn how to serve Women
From the video
"Goddess Party"

Be trained to be a better slave
From the video
"How to Worship a Goddess"

Wanting to be a slave does not necessarily mean that you will right away be a good slave and that you will automatically know how to serve a Mistress or Goddess. Therefore, you must first be trained how to be a good slave. Once you are fully trained, a potential Owner will then recognize your serving capabilities and subservient qualities and thus She will want to own you.

you will be trained how to be a good slave. you will learn such important facts as a slave exists only to serve and your sole purpose in life is to see that your Mistress/Goddess/Owner is pleased.

you will also be helped to understand and overcome any shyness, nervousness, difficulties, fears, resistance, stubbornness, barriers, and limitations which you may have. If you have a habit of repeating the same mistakes, giving up too easily, or constantly switching and fighting with your other side which prevents you from submitting (and thus creating frustration for your Mistress/Goddess/Owner) then those issues of insolent behaviour will be corrected as well. There is much more to training a slave than just giving him simple commands and beating him with a whip. Real Domination and control is accomplished when the mind is trained as well as the body.

There is no time limit to the training program. Training takes as much time as it takes to make you that good slave. This means that your training could be anywhere from several days to several weeks, or maybe even months. How long it takes you to pass and complete your training is up to you as it all depends on how much time and effort you put into it and how sincere you are about wanting to be a good slave.

Specialty training such as orgasm denial and chastity, humiliation and degradation, discipline, sissy slave training, foot worship, slave-husband training, Goddess Worship, and other specialties, can also be incorporated into your training. So if you feel you need more training in these specific areas in order to become a better slave then you may obtain training in these areas once you are enrolled in the slave training program.

The training is done online, by email, personal audio recordings, postal mail training, training videos and/or training audio cassettes (optional), training by ICQ (optional), training by Chat (optional), training by telephone (optional), and in person training sessions (optional).

These are all the levels of the slave Training Program:

The Ten Steps To slavery

1. Enrollment in the Academy's Slave Training Program.

(* If you wish to be trained or owned by Me personally you may email Me after you have enrolled in training at the Academy to beg for this great honour.)

2. Choose preferred Slave Training Program. (Numerous specialized slave training programs to choose from!)

3. Trainee Slave Rules.

4. Training Assignments-Online, Email, Mail, Audio, Video.
email slave training

5. Chat/Telephone. When you have passed training, or have reached this fifth level of training, you may further your training by Chat, or Telephone. (This is optional but highly recommended if you wish to be able to serve Me in person some time in the future.)

6. Pass Training. If you reach this level, you will have passed slave training.

7. Ownership by Email. If you wish to be owned by Me (either by email or in person) once you have passed training I will consider your plea. If I accept and decide to own you, you will then dedicate yourself to serving Me by email on a regular basis and you may do so without having to do all of the slave training assignments that you had to do as a trainee slave. However, you must still obey all rules and commands. you may also beg for Me to mail you a slave tag to wear on your slave collar. On it will be the inscription that you are My "property" or My "slave".
slave ownership, owned slave

8. Serve Me in person. If you are able to travel to My QueenDom I will now grant you the rare honour and great privilege of serving Me in person.
slave training, domination sessions

9. Contract. If I have chosen to own you as My 24/7 fulltime personal slave, you will sign your slave contract naming Me as your Owner, and you will hand it over to Me while on your knees before Me and with your head bowed low.
slave contract, contract slave, contract slavery

10. Ownership in person (24/7 slavery). If you do travel to My QueenDom to serve Me in person, and you wish to be owned by Me as My personal fulltime 24/7 slave then you may apply for this when meeting Me and I will consider your plea. After I interview and inspect you, if I find you worthy of this fulltime position and decide to own you in this way then I will collar you and you must wear this collar at all times (it is quite discreet in appearance so it can be worn in public). I will have you attach your slave tag to this collar when you are serving Me in the privacy of My Goddess Temple. I may also decide to have you marked with My permanent mark of ownership.
24/7 slave, 24-7 slavery

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Comments from trainee slaves

Dear Supreme Goddess Lorena,

Reading the articles written by Your trainee slaves is interesting and challenging. There are many thoughts that come up when reading the many articles written by these devoted slaves. i learned a good number of things as i went through them.

One of the things learned was that there are others with feelings like mine. These feelings seem to bother me because i seem to feel that i'm different. i guess maybe i am because of these feelings. i tend to have a hard time with that. i could take almost all of these writings and put my name as the author because the feelings and thoughts are so similar to mine.

Much is said of Your beauty Goddess and well it should be but as i read these writings Your other real strengths seem to come out. i saw words like kind, caring, sincere, sophisticated, intelligent, superior, wonderful just to name a few. Those are the characteristics that set You apart from other so called mistresses etc.. These are the things that make You Supreme!

Several slaves expressed positive feelings because You worked with them even though they knew nothing of what was going on. i sure can relate to that. It also seems that a good number like myself found You after searching the internet. Like myself they too were not please with what they found until they found You.

One item that ran the same with all slaves including myself, was the fact that the slaves were very intent on serving and making You happy. It seemed very, very important to all of them. i got the feeling that if i were in a room watching as You worked anyone of these slaves i would hear You never have to raise Your voice because they would be so very eager to please You. If indeed You did become upset with them and disapproved i get the impression that they would head for the nearest corner and just curl up and wish to die. i believe it is that important to them.

i also noticed that they all as well as myself seemed to have high respect for You. i believe You demand this and because of that You receive it. i can remember the first e-mail i sent to You. i was vanilla and didn't know enough to use Your title. What a mistake that was. i can tell You i learned and i have used it every time since and will always use it. i'm no dummy.:) :) ( well maybe i am sometimes) :) :)

It seems that many of the slaves mentioned a drawing toward You. Like they were getting closer as time went on. i must admit, i have noticed that, it's kind of spooky. i thought it might be Your perfume :) :) (just kidding). i kind of feel like i am on a sled riding going down this big hill and gaining speed toward You i put out my feet to slow down and nothing seems to happen. i just keep going and what is so weird, i don't seem to mind. i guess that is because i must be enjoying it.

It is also quite apparent that all these slaves hold You in high esteem and that i'm sure comes from the way You treat them.

i also read the new writings on "Chastised slave" and am not sure if that should be included in this or not. Being a male, i certainly could be empathic to those sorry soles. The need to climax for the male is like eating, breathing,and sleeping, it is almost uncontrollable. It is so powerful that it can drive a male nuts at times. That is why we act so foolish i guess.

What simply amazes me is the fact that You Supreme Goddess have unbelievable power. It is one thing to have a male use a belt or have a lock and key for control. It is another to have a slave hundreds or thousands of miles away do so at the Your very command or instruction. That is simply unadulterated raw power.

If someone told me a few months back that i would be asking for permission to climax from a Women/Goddess i hardly knew i would have said------Ya right------Well here i am doing it and totally under Your control ---- it is unbelievable.

i am sure that when Your slaves get their rules and see the need to ask for permission they stop and gulp. i admit that i took a pause and thought a bit. i then remembered what my thinking was when searching the web. Slavery is not a session or something to use a safe word. It is where i am the slave and the Goddess decides what She wants and i do it. That may not be to my liking but that's too bad i'm the slave and it's my duty to carry out Her wishes. If i really feel that way then i had better do as You instructed and act like a slave.

After remembering this i also remembered a former coach that said (if you are going to talk the talk you better be ready to walk the walk). So i figured i better start walking the walk.

i will admit that when i ask You for permission it was somewhat embarrassing and certainly a very humbling experience. It certainly made me feel very humble, like a slave and under Your complete control. The truth is i didn't care, i did it because You wanted me to i have nothing to say about it, i am just the slave and i need to follow Your orders.

As for You Goddess, You can be sure that when a slave agrees to this on just Your instruction that he is without a doubt Your slave and under Your total control. i say this because a male does not do this easily nor take this lightly. It is his last stand, when he gives this up, he is Yours completely.

The embarrassment and humility the slave suffers every time he comes to his Goddess for permission degrades the slave to complete submission. he has now given up everything and is totally and completely submissive.

Just one more thing Goddess, i must say that You are a very fortunate Goddess. All theses slaves are so passionate and devoted to serving You. They want to please You so badly and try so hard to do so. However because they are males and Your standards are so high they sometimes fall short. This saddens them as they feel they have failed You. As a whole, i would say that they are very good slaves and serve You well. Why is that? It is because of You My Supreme Goddess. You are a fantastic trainer and because of You Supreme Goddess these slaves will do anything to try and please You. They should indeed thank You and be forever grateful for the fine work You have done with them.

Goddess do that fine work with me!

Yours, trainee slave jim b.

Why Goddess Lorena's teachings make slaves happy
(by trainee slave giton)

To an outsider's view, the fate of males under Female Supremacy and Goddess Lorena's teachings may at first sight seem harsh. Indeed, according to these teachings, all males should realize that they are inferior to Women, and that their only purpose in life is to serve and worship their Female Superiors, with constant deference and obedience. In short, men should understand that they were born to be slaves and should remain so for their entire lives. To an unprepared outsider, this may appear like oppression of one Sex over the other. The purpose of this paper is to show that this outsider's view would be completely mistaken and that males are extremely aware and happy of their fate under Goddess Lorena's teachings. At the end of the essay, many quotes by slaves at Goddess Club are given as an illustration of what is said in the text.

Why was the outsider's view wrong?

The reason why an outsider may not immediately grasp these fundamental truths may lay in our education in today's society. We are born in societies where we are taught that Women and men are equal, that no difference should be based on sex (some societies even consider that men are superior to Women, but it is not the purpose of this paper to discuss this). To understand how this shapes our minds, let us take a different perspective. Let us look for one moment at the relationship between dogs and humans. Dogs are wonderful creatures. They have great qualities, and they are far superior than humans in some areas (their sense of smell, for instance, is amazing). Still, it would not occur to anyone to say that dogs and humans are "different but equals". Virtually everybody will admit that dogs are inferior to humans, because dogs' qualities, however wonderful in some areas, are greatly surpassed by humans' qualities overall. Now, if we had been raised in the belief that dogs were equal to humans, it would probably be impossible for us to admit that dogs are inferior. The same phenomenon happens in the relationship between men and Women. If we had been raised in the belief that males, although great creatures, are absolutely inferior to Women, it would seem a natural order of things to us. But because most of us have been taught of equality, the thought that one sex is inferior to the other seems unbelievable and even dangerous. Like Galileo announcing that the Earth was revolving around the sun, anybody who states a theory too far away from the generally accepted way of thinking is bound to be rejected. However, once we admit that the logic we have been raised with may not necessarily be the sole Truth, once we allow new, innovative ideas to penetrate our minds, then we can be open to alternative interpretations of our world. Female Supremacy teachings belong to this category : today they are known only by a few, and rejected or unknown by many. However, the number of Women and men who are aware of this theory is growing fast. Their number will grow all the faster that people will realize that those who have embraced Female Supremacy lifestyles, both Women and men, are happy. Among these, those who have had the luck of benefiting from Goddess Lorena's teachings are priveleged. Because the writer of this essay is a male who considers himself unworthy of trying to explain what Women think, this essay will concentrate on males and show why they are happy when they become slaves of Womankind, and why they are priviledged to benefit from Goddess Lorena's teachings.

Why Goddess Lorena's teachings make slaves happy

Whoever has read Goddess Lorena's wonderful site,, and has in particular read all the comments written by males in this site, realises that not only ALL males who have discovered Goddess Lorena's teachings are convinced of their inferior status, but that they are fully happy and thankful to the Goddess for teaching them this wonderful Truth. They are happy because they have found their place in this world. They have found a reason to exist, a reason which they can intuitively link to the natural order of things. To learn that they are inferior does not make males unhappy, on the contrary : they state it with pride. To understand this, let us come back to the dogs example. Dogs admit their inferiority very easily : they defer to their owners, to whom they display constant love and admiration (unless exceptional circumstances arise).They know that they are less important than humans. However, they are fully aware that they still have an important role to play, and they are proud and happy to be able to play their role as "humans' best friends". And this is why dogs are usually happy animals (unless maltreated by their masters). males who have understood Female Superiority behave the same : they know that at their place they can be useful, and this makes them happy. they also realize how lucky they are to share this planet with such wonderful beings as Women. To be a slave is not degrading : on the contrary, it is an honour for males to serve their Superiors, it is assuming their right place and duty in the order of the universe.

Goddess Lorena's followers go even beyond that state of happiness. The reason lays with Goddess Lorena Herself and Her personality. She not only teaches males of their right place in the world : She does so with unsurpassed skill. This is obvious from reading all the comments written by males at Goddess Club. All of them state that Goddess Lorena is the greatest Goddess and Trainer they have ever met, and that Goddessclub is far better than any other site about Female Supremacy they may have browsed on the internet (it is well known that many males spend countless hours on the internet reading about Female Superiority, which in itself is a proof that males are intuitively aware that something important for them lays there).

Thus Goddess Lorena is playing a great role in the progress of the Universe. She is a great pioneer, one who will change the lives of millions for the better. Thank You Goddess ! May You live forever, well attended by Your slaves ! May all Women on Earth one day live the wonderful Life You are showing us. May all males become happy slaves!

i thank Goddess Lorena for allowing me to write this humble commentary.

Appendix : quotes taken from the message board of Goddess Club :

1) Quotes from slaves showing their beliefs in Female Superiority

"As well, i hope that you will realize that Women are Superior and that Female Supremacy is the natural order of life for all males." (slave danny)

"finally i am home. i have found the Goddess who has taught me the proper order of things" (slave james)

"my life is Yours now. my body is Yours now. i live to serve and please you. my lessons are complete. i do not resist. i do not question. i understand the proper order of things." (slave james)

"i have learned, and i can see, that all Women have the instinct for nurturing and for taking care of Their charges." (slave eddie)

"i should exist only to serve Women, as they are all Superior to men. I also learned that my sole purpose in life should only be to please my Goddess/Trainer." (slave bob)

"Its basis and teachings are by the way the equilibrium that should exist between Yourself /yourself, Mother Nature, peace and the devotion owed to Her." (slave luis).

2) Quotes from slaves showing that they are happy to serve

"i feel so much more alive now that i have a purpose to fulfill day in and day out." (slave james)

"When She is pleased, I am very happy" (slave brian)

"No words can describe the pleasure of reading that i had pleased Her, but this feeling was multiplied by a thousand when She wrote that i would be getting an audio .wav file. To hear Her sultry voice letting me know that "I own you, you are mine" left this slave so happy, that nothing could spoil the good mood." (slave sanjay)

"Her praise filled my heart with such joy and fulfillment that i lost any further resistance i had to becoming Her permanent slave. I am completely in love with Her and would do anything to continue serving Her and being part of Her world." (slave tom)

"I had to work hard in order to be in Her good graces, but I was very happy to serve Her and to worship Her. Sometimes, when She says ”you have pleased Me greatly” at that moment I cannot describe the feeling that I get of pleasing Her. If She is in a good mood She might reward me. Sometimes if She is not pleased with me, I feel very miserable." (slave brian)

"Using a human being as a footstool reinforces in his mind that he is an object and that he has suspended his rights as a human person. She is reading or watching TV. You are nothing. Not a sound comes from you. You just stay there with Her feet upon you. Once again you are helpless in your slavery. It is during this quiet time, for the Goddess, that you know that you are being of some use to Her. She is enjoying Herself in a normal activity while you are a piece of furniture there for Her to use." (slave frank)

"The tug of war inside me is 'am i learning?' i have now learned about myself that i do want to learn. i want to learn well. i want to please Goddess. i crave Her acceptance of my submission to Her. i so desire Her informing me that i am doing a good job. It has become so important to me." (slave frank)

"Supreme Goddess Lorena and Her videos and training program has taught me that to serve a Goddess is an honour and privilege that must be earned, that the only way to be a "real submissive" is to be real, to be truthful to your self as well as to your Mistress, that a good slave is willing to please his Mistress without getting anything in return for himself, that he should never argue or complain, he is only happy when his Mistress is happy, and that in everything you do you must be serving Your Mistress in some way." (slave bob)

3) Quotes from slaves showing their admiration of Goddess Lorena

"Who is Goddess Lorena? Goddess Lorena is the Boss of Goddess Club, Queen of Femaria, and The Supreme Goddess. She is all things wonderful and great, intelligent, beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, and elite. If the dictionary was written correctly, under the definition of 'Goddess' they would have displayed Her photo." (slave danny)

"It was a beautiful experience to be trained by a Beautiful Goddess." (slave brian)

"How can you not fall down on your knees and worship this Goddess? How can you not love Her? Not only is She beautiful, sensuous, extremely attractive, and with an intelligence quite out of the ordinary, She is also gracious, determined and understanding. Truly above us all." (slave luis)

"Your training will be personalized according to how you respond and behave with Her. She is so exceptional as to be willing to work with any sincere male that is smart enough to know in his heart that Females truly are Superior and that we just need guidance to tear down years of incorrect thinking. She took countless hours of Her own time just to help me get to the point that i am at today, a proud worshipper of Goddess Lorena, Boss of Goddess Club." (slave tom)

"Nothing compares to when you apply and beg Her to be Her property, write your slave contract which bounds you to Her, She accepts you and then you receive your slave tag stating that you are from now on Supreme Goddess Lorena's property" (slave luis)

"Any potential training slave should feel it an honour and privilege to be accepted to be trained by Her, as i do" (slave bob)

"Even though it is expected, She gets my utmost respect at all times." (slave sanjay)

"She seems to want to find trainees that She can work with on a long term basis rather that arguing about some petty point that may have come up." (slave frank)

"As She administered Her training methods, it was apparent that Goddess Lorena is very intelligent and put all Her effort into devising a training program to teach slaves, and to acquiring slaves that truly would be Real slaves for Her to Own and that would fill Her Real Life needs as servants to Her on a full-time basis. She is REAL!" (slave danny)

"The very next day i got a reply. i couldn't believe it! Here was this beautiful Woman emailing little olde me! As you can probably guess by now, it didn't take long before She had me completely enslaved" (slave xj)

"I was mesmerized by her Beauty" (slave brian)

"She is Learned. She is the Almighty. She is Caring and Understanding. She is soft Spoken, but Powerful enough to make a slave tremble by snapping just Her fingers. In Her video, "How to Worship a Goddess", when She snaps Her fingers to a slave, I get nervous just watching Her. That's how powerful She is. She is also very demanding and sometimes I find it hard to serve Her. But she reminds me never to give up my dream, the dream of serving a beautiful Goddess." (slave brian)

"She has no shortcomings!" (slave david)

(i thank Goddess Lorena for allowing me to quote Her slaves.)

trainee slave giton


After reading for almost two hours the many letters posted by slaves on the Goddess Club web site, what first struck me was the huge number of very lengthly letters which were contained on the web site. They represented, i would guess, hundreds of hours of effort by many different slaves. i then realized that Goddess Lorena had read every one of them, graded and corrected each, and provided directions to each of the slave authors. It was a fantastic amount of demanding work. i knew our Goddess spent a great deal of Her time in training slaves, but to see all of this work laid out in front of me really brought home Her dedication to getting the best possible performance from Her slaves. we are indeed fortunate to be under Her care. All of the slave letters seemed to be sincere and many were thoughtful and well written, but some were not as well done. i thought that these slaves were not only cheating themselves but Goddess Lorena by not doing their best. As i thought further, i realized that it was much worse. Since these letters were posted on the Goddess Club web site they not only reflected on the Club but on Goddess Lorena and Her training. A prospective slave visiting the site for the first time could be turned off by a poorly written essay. Goddess Lorena would thereby lose a prospective slave and the benifits he might bring Her. A well organized and well written essay would have a more positive effect on a prospective slave. It is essential that each of us do his very best in writing or other assignments so that we represent Goddess Lorena well and attract other slaves to Her stable.

There were many good thoughts expressed in the various letters. Some were new to me and others reinforced what i already knew or felt. i could write page after page of ideas and thoughts which have crossed my mind, but i felt i should organize these and boil them down into a few simple concepts which may be of help to other trainees and potential slaves.

1. Focus On The Goddess-a good slave realizes his purpose in life is to worship and serve his Goddess/Owner. he is responsible for Her well being, happiness and financial security. In order to do this he needs to think of Her constantly, and put Her needs before his own. If he does this over time, he will find that his own wants, needs, lusts and desires will be less and less important and will gradually fade away. The slave will become calm, caring and compliant. he may be able to reach a blissful state in which he has no personal worries or concerns and is able to completely devote his time and thoughts to his Goddess. we all need to strive to reach this state.

2. Honesty and Openness-a slave must strive to be completely open and honest with his Goddess. he needs to tell Her everything. While i don't think most slaves lie to the Goddess, it is easy to fall into the habit of keeping secrets about bad behavior and Rule violations. This will form a barrier to a true relationship with the Goddess. She is wise and knows how hard it is for slaves at times, so confess all of your errors and while She may be upset, you will find She is understanding.

3. Flexibility and Understanding-Goddess is able to tailor the training program to each slave. Do not feel that you will be unable to meet Her requirements because of heavy job demands or family situation, location or other difficulties. Explain your limits and restrictions to Her and in nearly every case, if you sincerely want training, a program can be worked out.

4. Don't Give Up On Training-Goddess Lorena's primary concern is to develop each slave to his full potential. She is an intelligent, energetic and determined trainer. While She enjoys having fun at Her slave's expense, She is never cruel or malicious. The last thing She wants to do is crush a slave and banish him from Goddess Club. So no matter how badly you have behaved, how deep the hole you have dug for yourself, there is still hope. Confess to the Goddess, apologize for your mistakes, beg Her forgiveness, thank Her for correction aand punishment and She will redeem you. It won't be easy, but it can happen. Remember: Don't give up on the Goddess because She won't give up on you.

5. Ask For Permission-Goddess has strict Rules requiring permission for travel, social contact and sexual release. A slave would do well to develop the habit of asking permission for other things as well, such as buying and using training products, changing jobs, making large purchases or investments. There are two major benefits to forming this habit: Constantly asking for permission will reduce to a large extent the possibility that a slave will make mistakes and drift into bad habits and he will become more dependent on the Goddess with less need for independent thought. This is helpful in becoming completely submissive and open to the Goddess.

6. Be Appreciative Of The Goddess-we need to show our Goddess how much we appreciate the huge amount of effort She devotes to our training. She needs our support and encouragement. Ask yourself this: What do you do if you wish to impress a beautiful Woman? you pay attention to Her, ask about Her life and well being, listen to Her, try to do as She asks, buy Her dinner and give Her small gifts. Why would you do any less for your very own Goddess?

7. Essay Writing Is Good Training-a slave will benefit from this type of training. It forces him to concentrate and organize his thoughts. He is focused on the Goddess and what he needs to do to become a well trained slave. Writing it all down will impress it into his mind so that he won't forget. So even if it is difficult, he should give it his very best effort. It will stick with him. i have certainly found this to be the case and wish to thank Goddess Lorena for the opportunity to improve myself and make another small step in becoming a better slave.

trainee ernie c


Women are superior and should be treated as superior beings with honor and respect. That is the natural order of things. Of course, Mistress Supreme Goddess Lorena is most superior and beautiful as well. That is natural, too. It is and should be a humbling experience to be trained as a slave by Supreme Goddess Lorena. one is lucky to be under Her tutelage.

To be a slave and a submissive, one must follow the rules all of the time, not just when a slave feels like it. To be Supreme Goddess Lorena’s slave is a 24 hour task and one is acting at the Mistress’s convenience and not one’s own.

i am a male and inferior and should serve Womankind. Goddess Lorena is truly in control and know what is best for this slave. A slave may not see it, but if they trust Goddess Lorena, the slave will learn and grow and become better. i serve Supreme Goddess Lorena.

Study and obey the rules, speak politely and respectfully to Goddess Lorena in all communication. Be honest and truthful, please Her.

Kneel before the Goddess and think of Her constantly. one should try to improve constantly to better serve the Goddess. One does not ask from the Goddess Lorena, but one begs and accepts what Goddess Lorena provides gratefully.

trainee slave samuel


i have learned a lot from reading the slaves' articles. i have come to realise i have no right to entitle myself in written form with capitals when referring to 'i'. i printed and read all articles by the slaves and it has driven even further home the message that i am, by virtue of my unfortunate status of having been born a male, an inferior being to the female form. How i yearned to be in person to honour and to serve Supreme Goddess Lorena when reading of slave c, slave danny k and slave tom's and worshipper james' experiences with Her in person. The only manner of purgotory here, is by torture, pain, and suffering. This is to be regarded as a rewarding punishment and not simply a punishment. The male must come to realise that his portion is to be cast aside with disdain but yet, such contempt for the male populace and species by the Superior Women, is to be held in high regard and esteem by us men, in that, the Female actually shows care for him by exercising whatever attention She demonstrates and has time for, to that male. The articles have enlightened me as to the true Supremacy of Goddess Lorena, of which i am sure, after reading them, can only be fully appreciated by those merited and most fortunate enough to have been in Her Presence. i have observed that Goddess knows Her subjects very well and that surely, and to my mind and belief, the ultimate reward is for Her slaves to have the Honour of knowing Her. We are privileged to access Her Profile and discover what an Almighty Being Goddess is, but so as not to run the danger of digressing off the subject, i wish to expand on what we know from Gracious Goddess' insight of Herself that She has allowed us to read and what i mean by knowing Her. To know Her well is to serve Her. As a trainee slave, i have no such in person experience or even knowledge as an email trainee slave, as to how to go about this Service, as i am still such a novice. But what to me is so blatently obvimean to try one's utmost hardest in pleasing Her. By failing in this regard, one displeases oneself too. No one likes to displease oneself, and when this occurs, the sorrow is truly felt and regretted. This should be therefore, the attitude of the slave - not to do or be a disservice to Her, or to Lorenaism. A blemished approach to Prayer and Worship, is nothing more than a disservice to oneself too. To speak of service in physical terms of person to Person worship, is to learn directly from Owner's slaves' accounts of not damaging any iota or tiny part of Her Godly Body when serving, worshipping, licking or sucking Her Precious toes or fingers or Body. i mentioned earlier on how i agreed with other slaves observation of Owner as being Exclusive. i have only had one other email mistress, but if anyone were to have told me a few weeks ago that there is a Goddess to whom i would find myself volunteering to bow down, naked and to worship as though having been possessed with another spirit or presence, or whatever it is that i do feel when i worship and pray to Goddess Lorena, and to whom I repeat my oath five times, i would have said, "Don't be mad, i am looking for something entirely different!" But, no. i have instead found something entirely different, to venerate and to revere. I am so happy to have been accepted into Goddess' Guidance.

trainee slave henry


my Beloved Goddess and Trainer, Supreme Goddess Lorena, Boss of Goddess club, and Queen of Femaria.

The fact that is easily perceived by Anyone/anyone reading the articles written by Your slaves, is that through Your graciousness and wisdom You bring men very easily to their knees, and also to the end of a long road and countless hours skipping from one list of Pro Dommes and Fetish sites to another. Their recognition of Your greatness is absolute, their submission to You infinite and eternal. All of Your slaves perceive the Goddess and Divines in You, Your teachings in a very short time nurtures the mind and spirit of all those willing to submit and therefore succumb to Your intelluect and Feminine powers. Their love for You seems to perpetuate itself as they all praise Your intellect, mission, glory and grace. Your sensuality and beauty combined with Your severity and understanding is the common denominator used by them when describing their voluntary and absolute submission to You. They see in You Goddess, the Woman of their dreams, the slaves lucky enough and worthy enough to meet You and serve You in person, all agree in the feeling of humbleness they experience when in Your presence. By their description of the situation, and of what they feel, i gather it is a mixture of nervousness and apprehension at first, to satisfaction and absolute happiness, and finally total sadness when having to leave. It is obvious You are strict Goddess, but also very caring and understanding, this i have learned through my experiences with You, and reading Your slaves' articles have corroborated it. Distinctively they all agree that You are special and unique, not to be compared with any professional Domme because You are not. Your slaves also agree that having the opportunity of serving You in person or by mail is extremely rewarding and that to be proficient in their submission to You requires stamina and perseverance. i came to understand that proficiency at serving You comes and derives from Your natural abilities to train slaves, to mold them to Your liking, to erase their old wrong "ways", opening new doors and broadening their horizons. A true art i think Goddess. In other words You have all the answers and we have only the questions, Your answers are the ones that enable us slaves to give purpose and to set goals, to better our otherwise meaningless lives, giving us a sense of accomplishment. i learned that You are truly wise, that not all slaves can be trained to do the same thing, and that i feel as though i was born to serve You. That i truly wish i could be in Your presence all the time so i could cater to Your every whim, be Your chair, Your footstool, cook for You, feed You, bathe You, drive You, be Your toilette paper if You wished and protect You. i no longer feel i have a fetish for anything except for You Goddess, and reading all these articles taught me to believe that Female Superiority should be a way of life. How can it not be? if it only brings happiness, and joy, inner peace and a sense of accomplishment to everyone involved. Finally i learned that You are always right no matter what, and that to serve and cater to Your every whim is a privilege and an honour that must be earned through hard work and perseverence, never giving up when things appear to be difficult.

Your slave forever, devoted servant and trainee slave luis.


Supreme Goddess,

From reading the slave articles in Your site i learned some things and confirmed many others. First of all that Your site is completely different from the many other fem-dom ones around. In which way? Primarily in that unlike the other sites i ve been through before coming upon Yours, it is a genuine one. Other sites are uniquely there to make money by fulfilling the fantasies of those who go in them. While i m sure that even for You it is important to make money from it to pay Your site bills, i feel that the message You convey is more important. It is simple and clear. That Women are superior than men and that They should be treated as a Superior Being. This is not a site for weak men or for men seeking to live out a fantasy. It is a site for men who realise that we are inferior to Women and have the courage to accept it. Unlike mistresses who have their sites like You do, You really want to teach men to completely submit themselves, like in my case to You and to men who do not go in Your training programmes, to Women in general. Like so many other slaves before me, it was hard to imagine that i might one day be happy and pleased in serving a Woman without having my needs fulfilled. For this is the most important thing that You teach us, that a slave is there to please his Mistress/Goddess in whichever way She desires and not vice versa. A slave s only pleasure is when his Mistress/Goddess is pleased and no reward for it should be expected as a true slave has no rights whatsoever. he is no more than an object to be used as necessary in any situation. What he can hope for is that he becomes a useful piece of property. Before my lucky discovery of Your site, this was a hard concept to accept. Indeed i would have laughed and scoffed at the thought of it. Not now however. Now it seems that i knew all along that my real purpose in life is to become a true slave; devoted, faithful and willing to serve and please. That has become my only satisfaction. In other sites and even in prior experiences i ve had in real life, the so called mistresses would immediately ask me what my fetishes were. If it was a foot fetish, they would provide me with pictures for feet lovers or in real life they would tell me to get down and lick their feet. Sure, it was fun for some time till i realised that it was not what i really wanted. Until i came upon Your site, then i immediately knew. Nowadays, i m not ashamed to say i m just happy to do as You instruct me to do. If i were physically there, i would be happy and privileged to be Your table, foot-stool, carpet, dog and whatever else will please You. And i thank You Goddess, for all Your patient teaching that i learned as much. Cause it also changed my life for the better. Now i treat women colleagues with more respect than i did before. Although i am devoted only to You. In fact people have noticed the change in me cause i ve eliminated all social outings, preferring as i do to be alone in Your Temple. Some think that i went into religion; they say it unbelieving knowing that i was never a religious freak. But they are right more than they think, with the difference that the Goddess i worship is You. What i learned as well, is that You are very patient, kind and generous, even with us low slaves that have yet to prove themselves. You are not unduly harsh and i feel You prefer to reprimand rather than punish, at least to those who can be kept in line. Cause obviously, different offences require different measures. You are almost like a mother with her children, i would say cause You really want us to see the true way and are hurt and disappointed when we fail or stumble somewhere along the way. i saw this not only through the articles i ve read but through the way You handled my personal programme, by giving me my time, not being too demanding and showing Your satisfaction and pleasure of my progress. i must say that i was surprised by this side of Your character Goddess. And so i sincerely thank You that while always reminding me that my place is at Your Feet, for the patience and true interest You took in me, for me to become what i ve always unconciously wanted - a real slave. Not everyone could have maintained the right balance like You did, but then not everyone is a true Goddess either. i will conclude by begging You forgiveness if i was maybe too emotional, or if something i said wasnt right. While on my knees in front of Your Divine Image, i accept whatever You tell me and beg You for more.

Your devoted servant and trainee slave, mark b.


From reading the articles written by Supreme Goddess Lorena's slaves it quickly became apparent to me that there was a natural organizing principle that could be used to make sense of what they were saying. They seemed to be addressing two different kinds of questions one might naturally ask about The Goddess Club. One kind of question focuses on the content of Her training, and answers questions like these.

(1) What is Her philosophy of Female Supremacy?
(2) What attitudes towards Women does She teach Her slaves?
(3) What behaviors does She teach Her slaves?

The other kind of question focuses on the nature of training itself, and answers somewhat different questions.

(1) Who is Supreme Goddess Lorena, and what is She about?
(2) Who are the slaves that come to Her for training and what do they come for?
(3) How does She train?
(4) What are the results of Her training?

Now on to the answers.


1. What is Supreme Goddess Lorena's Philosophy of Female Supremacy?

The key concept seems to be that it is the natural order, that men exist to serve Women. There is broad consensus in the slave articles describing Female supremacy as the natural order, that men exist to serve Women, or more concisely, that men are slaves. A Woman is naturally endowed with many attributes and qualities that make Her superior to men, and draw men to Her service. The rest of Goddess Lorena's philosophy of Female Supremacy can be seen as flowing from that conceptual core. If it is the natural order that men serve Women, then it is also the natural order that Women use men as objects and tools serve there own purposes. Owners are superior to slaves, and so too are all Women superior to all men. men exist to serve Women so their purpose in life is to serve a Woman, and so it is also their only true meaning. If the greatest happiness comes from following one's natural path, then a man finds his greatest happiness through serving a Woman, in being Her slave. If worship fosters and enhances service, and service yields the greatest happiness to the slave, then it would be best that men worship Women. And if everyone understood this and lived accordingly, the world would be a better place.

There are other reasons beyond natural order for believing Women are superior to men. All Women are superior to men as an owner is superior to a slave, but they are also superior because they are as a group better qualified than men to lead us to a peaceful and meaningful life. Notably Women have the superior communication, and human skills needed to build a culture of cooperation and peaceful coexistence. Moreover Women do not suffer the exaggerated competitive needs of men that beget aggression and mistrust.

Here are some of the ways the slave articles described Goddess Lorena's philosophy. Mostly these are paraphrases but capture the essence.

-All Women are truly superior to all men
-men are objects that exist to be used by Women
-a man's only purpose and meaning in life is to serve a Goddess
-a man's only hope of happiness is to make a Goddess happy
-Her happiness is his happiness
-Female Supremacy should be a way of life
-men should exist only to serve Women
-Female supremacy is the natural order
-the male is a slave
-the male is a lower life form
-It is natural for a man to serve Her, a superior creature, however She chooses
-men were created to serve Women
-The world would be better off if men knew their true purpose, to worship and obey Women
-Worship and adoration the core of Her philosophy

2. What attitudes towards Women does She teach Her slaves?

Goddess Lorena's philosophy provides the rationale for a kind of relationship between Women and men. That relationship implies a certain set of expectations and responsibilities for Women, and for men. They are internalized as attitudes or mindsets about what our responsibilities are, and what we should expect. Goddess Lorena's philosophy gives rise naturally to a simple set of attitudes. Her slave's articles capture the essence of those attitudes with words link these.

(1) truth and honesty
(2) respect and honor
(3) loyalty and devotion
(4) compliance.

Notably, Women have expectations and men have responsibilities.

Truth and honesty: A slave should always be open and honest with his Goddess. he should never lie. None of the rest really matters if She can't trust him.

Respect and honor: A slave should hold his Goddess in high regard, value all She has to say, seek out Her guidance and council. he should look up to Her, and place Her high above himself. he should feel honored and privileged that She allows him the privilege of being Her slave.

Loyalty and devotion: A slave should serve only his Goddess and owner unless She wants him to serve another and directs him to do so. he should place nothing and no one before his Goddess he should constantly strive to find ways to make Her life easier and better.

Compliance: A slave should be what his Goddess wants him to be, and do what She wants him to do. he should obey Her, never defy or oppose Her and never react in a disagreeable way. What She wills should be his duty and his pleasure.

Attitudes are a kind of behavior, of course. That is, they are behaviors that are habits of thought. The articles also describe more concrete and specific things Goddess Lorena teaches a slave to do for his Goddess, and these are presented in the next section.

3. What behaviors does Goddess Lorena teach Her slaves?

There is a simple answer to this, i think. She teaches that a slave is there to do anything and everything his Goddess wants him to do for Her. It follows quite naturally from Goddess Lorena's philosophy of Female Supremacy that a slave would not only be expected to do anything his Goddess wants, but would in fact feel responsible, and want to serve Her in any way he can. Once a slave understands that it is his place to serve his Goddess, and understands that his happiness depends on being the best slave he can be for his Goddess why would he not want to serve Her in anyway he can? Anything, of course is a hard concept to grasp and perhaps that is why Goddess Lorena provides many specific examples of kinds of behaviors individually. (It is important to note that it is up to each Goddess to say what She wants Her slave to do for Her. It's Her individual decision, and what Goddess Lorena describes is just for training slaves about the things they should be prepared to do.)


1. Who is Supreme Goddess Lorena and what is She about?

What stands out most in reading the slave articles is the conviction they all seem to express that She is real. That She isn't playing an erotic game or just running an adult business. She really believes in what She is doing, and what She's doing is training men to really be good slaves for Women to own and use. She believes She is superior, that She is a Goddess, that all Women are superior to all men, and deserve to be served by them. She expects to be treated by men as their superior and Divine Goddess.

She is perceived as good, as honest, as generous and caring, and not cruel. She is also seen as reasonable, understanding, interested in ultimate results, and realistic. She is described as soft-spoken but powerful, sweet and kind together with firm and strict. Most see Her as dedicated, using phrases such as sincere, purposeful, determination, steadfast, doing Her part, a worker. She seems to know what She's doing. slaves say She has a deep understanding of the male motivation, thoughts, and behavior, that She knows how to punish, and knows Her effect on submissives. She is intelligent, strong, naturally dominant, sophisticated, powerful and beautiful. Her goal is to promote Female Supremacy and instill that mindset in men and Women who are ready to take their rightful place. She believes in and practices real Female Supremacy.

2. Who are the slaves that come to Her for training and what do they come for?

The slaves who revealed how they found Supreme Goddess Lorena's web site were mostly searching the web for Femdom sites. Most seemed to already have an inclination towards Female Supremacy or Femdom. Goddess Lorena reportedly told one slave that most already have strong tendencies and so just need direction and strengthening. Some reported being motivated by a search for temporary excitement. Others described concerns involving their sexuality, or expressed some disposition towards anxiety. As a group they seemed humble, seemed to have a readiness to learn the lessons Goddess Lorena offers. Rather strikingly, most seemed to have an empty place in their lives that needed filling. They were looking to find meaning and feel purpose in their lives.

3. How does She train?

The simple answer to this appears to be that She may use any of a variety of techniques, depending on what is effective. Her training was described as organized and well planned. Her effective use of rewards and punishments was noted in several essays. Distance training was described by one slave as moving through a series of different formats including training videos, essays, slave manual, chat, errands and phone. Several reinforcement techniques are built into Her web page. She grades trainee assignments, and monitors progress. Some were startled at how fast She commenced their training. Perhaps the most important observation about how Goddess Lorena trains is that She is very skilled at applying whatever technique She brings to bear. She trains very well.

4. What are the results of Her training?

It is clear from the articles that these slaves had learned some manners from Goddess Lorena. They all went out of their way to express gratitude to Goddess Lorena for training them. It is fair to say that all learned things that would help them serve and worship Women.

Many had comments about how they experienced Goddess Lorena during training. There were descriptions of feeling worshipful, of Her making you want to learn, and demanding effort. There was the surprise one slave expressed at realizing he seemed to like the idea of serving and worshipping Her. They were happy when She was happy, or happy to worship and serve Her.

They all seemed to believe that they were better off for having had the training. One described it as just what he needed in his life. Another slave explained he had considered quitting at some point, but was very glad he finished the training. Another was thankful his life had changed so much. Yet another said his life was better for it.

Many, perhaps most, felt that the training was teaching them about themselves and their need to submit to and serve Women. They expressed thoughts about becoming aware of really being a slave, about a deep awareness that they exist to serve a Woman rather than themselves. Similarly, there was growing awareness of their need to submit, along with a fear of the reality of being a slave. One was pleased to report that he was now completely controlled and enslaved. One was pleased at having been able to realize the slave within, while learning at his own pace.

The was also a sense, sometimes spelled out, other times not, of slaves being increasingly drawn in, and being helpless to stop themselves. slaves commented on how Goddess Lorena had a hold on them, of feeling like Goddess Lorena was taking possession, of feeling helpless to stop, of an increasing need for Goddess Lorena's approval, of being drawn closer to Goddess Lorena and becoming more dependent on Her, of Goddess becoming a bigger part of his life each day, of the
need to serve Goddess filling his mind. These feelings were often combined with the growing deep understanding of really being slaves to Goddess Lorena, and to Women described above.

It was clear that the training had a positive effect on the slaves. They nearly all seemed to have gained a real awareness of the reality of their place as slaves to Goddess Lorena and to Women. Some seemed to experience it so deeply it felt life altering, while others experienced it as merely new understanding or awareness. From the reports of these slaves one would have to conclude that the training was worthwhile, beneficial, and effective.

trainee slave bob s.

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