Slave Tattoos

"Do you fantasize about being owned as a Mistress's slave?"
"Have you always dreamed about being the property of a Mistress?"
"Would you like to be branded or tattooed, marked, and owned?"
"This temporary tattoo was custom made by one of My work slaves. The other three slaves above have been permanently tattooed as My slave, but if you fear having a permanent tattoo on your body, or if you cannot be marked permanently due to family or employment reasons, then this temporary tattoo is a wonderful alternative solution."

Wear this tattoo to show your submission and devotion as My slave and I will reward you by allowing you to serve Me as long as you wear it.

If you look after this tattoo well and do not wash it off then it should last on your body anywhere from one to seven days (results vary).
-Temporary Removable Tattoo.
-Round circle of black text with clear background.
-Lasts from 1 to 7 days.
$50 U.S.

(All products are mailed to you very discreetly.)

If you prefer to be permanently marked as My slave you must first apply to be My contract slave and have your slave application accepted by Me.

Beg for slave application

Also see Slave Tags

(slave, are you capable of making temporary tattoos also? Beg to serve Me in this way: Apply to be My work slave)


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