Worn and used panties, socks, pantyhose, nylon stockings, high heel shoes, sneakers, and slippers

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(Other worn items that are not listed can be ordered also. For more information Contact Supreme Goddess Lorena)

Note: All products are mailed to you discreetly.

My Worn High Heel Boots 

 Worn Mistress Boots

"Kiss and clean My boots."

slave, you will show your respect by kissing the toe of My boots, and lick My boots clean with your tongue until they are completely spotless and shiny.  

Black PVC boots (as shown in picture above).

Thin high heel.

*If you prefer My black leather boots then you may Email Me in regards to this. 

$99.95 U.S.

See Big Pic

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My Worn High Heel Shoes 

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"Kiss the bottom of My shoe."

I wear high heel shoes often so they become very well worn, dirty, and smelly after awhile. you will order them and clean them for Me. (Do not forget to suck on the heel.) After you have cleaned them you will place them on a table or shelf high above you and kiss the tip of the toes to pay homage to Me each day.  

Thin high heel.

Heel may be 3 to 5 inch in height depending on which shoes I choose to mail you.

*If you wish a particular style of shoe or heel, (such as pumps, sandal strap high heels, thick platform heel, flat no heel, sandals, etc) then you may email Me in regards to this as I have many shoe styles since I own over one hundred pairs of shoes. 

$49.95 U.S.

Lick My worn shoes clean with your tongue

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My Worn Slippers 

 goddess club, goddess lorena, femdom well worn slippers, mistress's well worn slippers, goddess's well worn slippers, ladies well worn slippers, womens well worn slippers, femdom used slippers, mistress's used slippers, goddess's used slippers, ladies used slippers, womens used slippers, well worn and used slippers, aromatic slippers, dirty smelly slippers, intoxicating and powerful smelling ladies slippers, worn slippers.

"Ewww! Smell how stinky My slippers are!" 

I lounge and walk about My Goddess Temple in My slippers both morning and night so they tend to get very stinky and dirty after awhile. you may order My old pair of slippers so that I can go shopping to buy a new pair.  


 Plush slip-on slippers

 Terry cloth ballet-style slippers

$39.95 U.S.
Smell My worn slippers

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My Worn Sneakers 

 goddess club, goddess lorena, femdom well worn sneakers, mistress's well worn sneakers, goddess's well worn sneakers, ladies well worn sneakers, womens well worn sneakers, femdom used sneakers, mistress's used sneakers, goddess's used sneakers, ladies used sneakers, womens used sneakers, well worn and used sneakers, aromatic sneakers and running shoes, dirty smelly sneakers and running shoes, intoxicating and powerful smelling ladies sneakers and tennis shoes, worn canvas shoes.

"Phew! Smell My sneakers after My long jog!"  

I bike, jog, walk, play tennis, and do aerobics regularily so My sneakers are very worn and smelly. you may order My old worn pair so that I may buy a new pair. you will bury your nose far inside them, take a long deep breath, and worship My powerful strong aroma.

Canvas Sneakers


$39.95 U.S.

Smell My worn stinky smelly sneakers

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 My Worn Socks

 goddess club, goddess lorena, worn femdom socks, worn mistress socks, worn goddess socks, worn ladies socks, worn womens socks, used femdom socks, used mistress socks, used goddess socks, used ladies socks, used womens socks, femdom smelly socks, mistress smelly socks, goddess smelly socks, ladies smelly socks, womens smelly socks, aromatic socks, stinky socks, powerful smelling socks, intoxicating worn socks, dirty socks, worn sweat socks, worn sports socks.

"Smell My stinky socks."

I bike, jog, rollarblade, walk, dance, and play tennis alot so My socks get very dirty and strong smelling. you may order My old smelly pairs. Be on your knees and take long deep breathes while you savour My aroma. 

Sports Socks


$39.95 U.S.

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My Worn Pantyhose

 goddess club, goddess lorena, femdom well worn used pantyhose and nylons, mistress's well worn used pantyhose and nylons, goddess's well worn used pantyhose and nylons, ladies well worn used pantyhose and nylons, womens well worn used pantyhose and nylons, aromatic used pantyhose and nylons, smelly pantyhose and nylons, intoxicating and powerful smelling ladies pantyhose and nylons.

"Take a deep breath of My worn pantyhose and smell all of My Feminine essences."

I wear pantyhose and high heels often when I go out and I do alot of walking in them so My old pairs of worn nylons are very strong smelling. Order a pair of My old worn pantyhose and savour all of My powerful Feminine aromas.

Full Pantyhose

Black, Brown/Tan, or Nude.

$44.95 U.S.

 Smell My worn used nylon pantyhose

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 My Worn Stockings

 goddess club, goddess lorena, femdom well worn used nylon stockings, mistress's well worn used nylon stockings, goddess's well worn used nylon stockings, ladies well worn used nylon stockings, womens well worn used nylon stockings, aromatic used nylon stockings, smelly nylon stockings, intoxicating and powerful smelling ladies nylon stockings.

"Do you like garters and stockings, slave?
Worship the scent of My sexy worn stockings."

I wear a size tall in stockings so they are nice and long. Worship My long slender legs and inhale My Feminine scent.  

Nylon Stockings

$44.95 U.S.





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My Worn T-Shirt

goddess club, goddess lorena, femdom worn t-shirt, mistress's worn t-shirt, goddess's worn t-shirt, ladies worn t-shirt, womens worn t-shirt, femdom used clothing, mistress's used clothing, goddess's used clothing, ladies used clothing, womens used clothing, worn and used jogging t-shirts, sweaty jogging t-shirt, aromatic t-shirt, dirty smelly t-shirt, stinky t-shirt, stinky sweatshirt, ladies smelly shirt, female worn shirts.

"Look at how wet and sweaty this T-shirt got during My jog!
Would you like to smell it?"

I jog and bike most everyday so the T-shirt I wear gets very sweaty and stinky. you may order the most recent shirt I wore so that you may have My sweatiest shirt and inhale My fresh powerful scent.

Cotton T-shirt.

you will be mailed either one of My long sleeve, short sleeve, or sleeveless T-shirts, depending on which T-shirt I have been jogging and biking in most this past week.

(If you prefer a certain style then after you order My T-shirt you may email Me to beg for a particular style.)


$39.95 U.S.

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 My Worn Panties

goddess club, goddess lorena, well worn and used femdom panties, well worn and used mistress panties, well worn and used goddess panties, well worn and used ladies panties, well worn and used womens panties, femdom worn underwear, mistress worn underwear, goddess worn underwear, ladies worn underwear, womens worn underwear, worn feminine items, used feminine items, womens worn undergarments, ladies worn undergarments.

"Inhale and worship My Supreme, powerful, and Feminine essence."

Worship the essence of a true Goddess by kneeling before My Divine image with My worn panties in your hand and inhale My sweet scent. Once My essence is gone from them you may then clean them for Me.

Full bottom panty.

Colour and style will vary since you will be mailed the panty that I have worn the most this past week.

(If you prefer white then you may email Me and beg for My white pair.)

 Smell My worn soiled panties and lick them clean
"Clean My panties, slave."

 Email Me about obtaining My Panties

My Worn G-String Panties

Worship all of Me by cleaning every bit of My dirty soiled G-String panties. Not one spot must remain, slave.


Colour and style will vary since you will be mailed the G-String panty that I have worn the most this past week.

(If you prefer white then after you order My G-string panties you may email Me to beg for My white pair.) 

Email Me about obtaining My G-String Panties

(Note: Other worn items that are not listed can be ordered also. For more information Contact Supreme Goddess Lorena)

Note: All products are mailed to you discreetly.

Need Help?
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Dear mistress,

i got your slippers. your slippers smell so good up my nose. i really enjoy smelling them. i wish that i could have smelly feet live in my face forever. i would like to get your smelly hose. i love that wonderful scent up my nose. please mistress get back to me let me know how much your hose is.

your humbley slave kenneth

Hi dear Goddess Lorena,

I´m writing to tell you that I received the slippers. Let me tell you, they stink! They are intoxicating! I´m completely impressed, it´s like you told me they were, dirty and very smelly, simply amazing! Just to have an idea, I felt the stink through the package before open it! My nose burns when I smell them, I sneezed after sniffing hard and my eyes was watering! I´m completely satisfied, so satisfied that I´m considering the idea of buy another item from you. Other thing, did you buy new slippers? Because I would like to buy them after you wear a lot, I need to feel more scents from your beautiful feet. What´s your suggestion, but it must be so stinky as your slippers. Do you have a shoe so stinky as the slippers?

Thank you very much, I´m impressed with you.


Goddess Lorena,

I am just e-mailing you to let you know that I recieved your worn terry cloth
(ballet style) slippers. Let me tell you that the smell that your feet leave is amazing. I also wanted to tell that I will be ordering your white canvas sneakers. Does it turn you on knowing that people want to smell your feet? Anyways thankyou.


Supreme Goddess Lorena, Most Precious, Holy, and Divine Lorena,

i bow down before Your Divine Image in awe of what i have just experienced! i am not, nor shall i ever be worthy of such a privilege! Thank You GODDESS! i have opened Your package of sacred items. i removed Your sacred socks first. i don't recall ever thinking of a pair of socks as "pretty" before, but these are. i held them in my trembling hands, feeling their softness as i raised them to my face. i hesitated for a moment to let it sink in what was happening, then inhaled deeply. The fragrance of Your Divine Essence is sweeter than fresh spring flowers! There is no doubt, You are GODDESS. You are indeed the Divine
Lorena, Supreme Goddess. i lay Your sacred socks upon Your altar and gazed at them, thinking of how these soft, sweet smelling socks, had recently encased the precious feet of the Divine Lorena. Ever on my knees before Your altar, i bowed my face to the ground in reverent worship of Your Divine essence.

Next, i held in both hands the small package containing Your sacred panties. i held them above my head as i bowed my head in prayer to the Divine Lorena in thanksgiving for what i was about to receive. i then removed the precious, and most holy, pink panties from the wrapping. my hands, again trembling, held them up against the candlelight so i could admire this delicate, holy treasure. Your Divine Essence, much stronger in Your precious, sacred panties than it was in Your divine socks, was too powerful for me to resist! i pressed them against my face, inhaling the sweet aroma of Feminine Deity. i have never before
experienced such a feeling of complete unworthiness! Indeed, Your Divine Essence is powerful in Your sacred panties, offering a kaleidoscope of fragrances! i counted four distinctly different, yet equally enticing scents, that blended in perfect harmony to create an aroma so sweet, so divine, that i cannot find words to describe it properly! i now know the full meaning of the term "Divine Essence". i shall never forget it!

Thank You, precious Goddess. Hail Divine Lorena, Supreme Goddess! Praised be Your holy name!

i then spent about 30 minutes praying to You, trying to find some way of expressing my deepest gratitude for allowing me this most cherished experience. i am so unworthy, yet You are so gracious and merciful! i worship You above all else that exists. Divine Lorena, You are my Goddess! You are the Supreme Goddess! You are GODDESS!!!

mark v.

Dear Goddess Lorena,

<kneeling before Goddess Lorena with my head bowed to the floor, placing soft slave kisses upon Your feet>

To my unbelievable delight, Your package arrived this afternoon, which carried Your four Precious Worn Panties to my doorstep. How may i possibly thank You Goddess, for such an Honor and Thrill. As i stared at the package, thinking of the treasures within, my heart raced with anticipation, and it took all my efforts to keep from tearing it open. After emailing You with the news, i waited Your permission to proceed, praying Your gracious permission and instructions. my hands were shaking
and my mind was filled with wonderful thoughts of touching and caressing these Goddess Blessed icons of Your heavenly self.

When Your email came, i became so excited that it hurt. Thank You for granting Your permission. As i opened the package, and unwrapped the prizes, my eyes lit up and my head got light. When the reality came back to me, i fell to my knees in homage. With respect and gentle touch, i laid them out on my bed to admire them. As i looked over each delicate and glorious pair, an image of my Goddess wearing them illuminated my mind, and humbled my heart. It took some time, but i finally discovered the strength to bring my face close to them, one at a time. Each inch my nose and mouth closed in, Your Goddess nectar filled more of my senses. Soon, my knees felt weak. Fearing i might fall, i plunged my nose into the crotch of one pair and inhaled. A dizziness overcame me and i straightened. As long as i could hold my breath i savored the sent, taking my Goddess into me and holding Her until She filtered into my blood. With each pair i repeated this ceramony of delight and worship. As the last breath of Goddess's sent infiltrated me, i knew my Goddess was now part of me, and without Her, i am nothing.

Not wanting to abuse this priviledge, i put them into individual sealed bags, but not before closing the ceramony by kissing
the crotch of each pair tenderly, and thanking Goddess Lorena for allowing me to serve Her and please Her. It was easy to picture these delicate panties on Goddess Lorena, as they are truly as beautiful and feminine as You Goddess. Every detail of these panties radiates the image of a true Goddess, and Superior Woman, a Queen.

slave danny k.

Dear Goddess Lorena:

i have been under the spell of the aroma and taste of Your worn cotton Socks and Your well worn G-string Panties with traces of Most Precious Excrescence in the rear portion of the Panty Crotch. The first time these aromas took over me was the day they arrived with the Goddes Party Video that i had also ordered. Watching the two Women being shown how You have humbled and trained a male was exciting. The amazing aromas from Your cotton Socks was even MORE exciting at times! Recently i recieved the Goddess club newsletter informing me of new things at Your website. i went there and really enjoyed some of the public humiliations You have carried out. The shoe store one sounded very fun. i enjoy getting to know You a little better through those stories of Your past. You show a natural intuitive inclination to recognizing that men belong in degrading poses and costumes when around Women. That men are to be laughed at and used for services. my irrestible need to humiliate myself for the sake of hearing a Woman laugh at me, puts me in the postion of having to Beg You to Honor me with some form of Training by email and other media. Even if You would not consider me worthy of any steady sort of training, could i at least have a SUBSCRIPTION to one pair of Your VERY SOILED UNDERPANTIES EACH MONTH? The monthly charge can be done the same way as a membership fee or something. i feel that i might be able to bring You a few laughs every once in while if You find delicate little assignments for me to perform and provide proof of. You seem to enjoy the power of having a slave obey You and look silly doing it. my own path of late has continued towards deeper degradation and loss of my last shreds of male will or strength. Meanwhile, i find that i crave Your smelly Socks and i crave the Panties You sent me. Please help me to continue enjoying the taste and smell of Your Special Excressences. i am Hoping to find some way to impress You as others have done. i saw how You reward some men that impress You in some way. Is there some way i can impress You too? Is there something i can do to show You how much a toy i can be?

i don't know what i will do if You won't refresh those Panties for me. Thank You for Your Kind Consideration!


my Queen:

You are without a doubt the Most Superior Goddess alive! Your generosity knows no end and Your brilliance is dazzling to this slave's eyes. i continue to be in awe of Your amazing Beauty and Grace and never tire of thinking about You and Your overwhelming greatness!

i must thank You publicly for the incredible egyptian loin cloth and worn panties that You mailed me. You were correct (as You always are) in knowing what a tremendous feeling of enslavement i would have while wearing the loin cloth that You made for me and worshipping Your panties. On my knees before Your image on the television, naked except for the one item of clothing that You allowed me to wear, sniffing the panties that You were wearing during my pilgrimage to adore You in person, i knew once again in my heart just how insignificant i am compared to You. You are everything to me and i am nothing without You. Any man who becomes aware of You will certainly discover the same Absolute Truth that i have: YOU ARE THE SUPREME GODDESS WHO IS HIGH ABOVE uS ALL!

All Glory, Honor, and Praise to She who is without equal, Goddess Lorena!

tom s.

Dear Goddess Lorena,

i received my loin cloth and Your panties yesterday.

Thank You very much for sending me my white Roman slave's loin cloth. It is very beautiful. i love the gold border and the overall look and feel of it. Goddess, i beg of You, may i please have Your permission to try it on? i want to have the feeling of being Your property. i want to experience the feeling Your full-time slaves experience by wearing what they are required to wear.

Also, thank You so much for sending me Your worn panties. Having something that has been on Your divine body is a tremendous privilege for me. i am happy, and i feel close to You. i worshipped Your panties and got them pretty clean. i prayed to You. i slept with Your panties on my bed, so i could be close to them and snuggle with them.

Thank You again. You're so beautiful and so good to me. i am very thankful to have You as my Trainer because You truly care about me and because You are so generous.


eddie p.

My Darling Supreme Goddess,

I am flattered, almost beyond belief, to be allowed to worship, kiss, lick and adore each and every single night both Your heavenly SLIPPERS and Your oh-so-deliciously worn jogging T-Shirt!! WOW!! What an indescribable joy it is to wrap it around my face at the end of the day and to bury my nose deep into Your gloriously-perfumed arm pits!! I derive a complete and instantly total sense of security and overwhelming comfort from being so closely and intimately connected with My Supreme Goddess's body. It is, without doubt, an enormous privilege and an honour to be permitted to worship You in so intimate and loving a manner as this is, that You, in Your loving kindness, have allowed me and I promise You that I will never ever take this huge privilege lightly!! Again, I want to thank You from the bottom of my heart for giving me, and all Your adoring slaves, so very much pleasure and happiness!! May blessings abound upon Your Divine Self always and in all ways!!

Your ever-adoring, ever-worshipping slave steven s.

In order to have a complete picture of my Goddess (like seeing Her in person by watching "How to Worship a Goddess" and by listening to Her voice by Her voice email) i had also asked for a pair of my Goddess's worn panties so that i could smell the scent of my Goddess, which will make it complete.

When i received the package, she told me not to touch it until She told me to do so. She said "Some things are worth waiting for and My panties are one of those things". For me it felt like a long wait.

The day finally came when She instructed me to watch "How to worship a Goddess" and to sniff Her worn panties. i was so elated. i had an erection. Like a true Goddess, Her heavenly scent made me want to cum, but i had to control myself because i had used up my quota to cum, for the week.

brian h. of WA.

As I applied to BOSSGODESS of GODESSCLUB to accept me as HER Worshipper, I ordered HER video "How to worship a GODDESS", Loin clothes, and asked for HER used worn panties. During the waiting time the GODDESS gave me all kind of instructions advices and suggestions. I read them carefully and started to feel HER wisdom and her supermacy over me. I read HER remarks HER advices ,trying to follow it as SHE saw it correct and no doubt SHE was right. I surfed into HER web again and again falling in love with HER pictures, a combination of beauty softness and POWER

Then I got the video, the loins, and HER holy panties. As SHE ordered me, I wore the loin on my naked body. What a sensation.imagine, I`m wearing a loin that was made by my GODDESS, That SHE touched on my body. Then I played the video and AS she instructed I held HER panties in my hand and each time SHE snapped HER finger (in the video) I smelled it and touched it. O GODDESSBOSS, it was as if to be in front of HER , live to hear HER commands and to practice them while I wear HER loin of servitude, to worship HER through HER royal panties being so close to HER most intimate part, while on the screen I watched and heard HER strict instructions how a lowest creature like me should serve HER. I know my right place is at HER feet crouching there like a well trained dog waiting to HER to snap HER fingers AND command me.

HER worshipper, rami

Dear Goddess Lorena,

Goddess.....the panties i asked for which You have graciously sent are so wonderful. The lace ones are so pretty and Feminine....and with the Essence of Goddess, they are more than a simple minded slave like me can take.


Oh My Goodness, My Gracious Goddess,

Your Glorious Videos watched, while You permitted me to Worship Your HEAVENLY- SMELLING, OH-SO-DELICIOUS SWEAT SOCKS has ALMOST pushed me over the Edge!! I am now so TOTALLY addicted and subjugated to Your FOOT SWEAT that I KNOW I shall NEVER be able to live without IT! I am wondering therefore MOST HUMBLY if I might be permitted to order a 'Freshly-Worn' Pair from Your DIVINE FEET each month for the rest of my life by ordering each and every month from Your Site? I KNOW that I am still doing penance to You and I can see no better way, at present than for You to continue to exercise Your TOTAL DOMINION over me than for me to be COMPLETELY subjugated by The DIVINE SWEAT of Your GLORIOUS GODDESS TOES each and every single day and night!! I, most humbly, therefore BEG ( and GROVEL and PLEAD ), Supreme Goddess Lorena for You to consider my plea.

In the meantime I remain, as ALWAYS, Your humble and wholly-undeserving Toe slave steven, in TOTAL AWE and WORSHIP of Your DIVINE FEET!

slave steven s.

Part ONE of Two

To Supreme Goddess Lorena,

Up till now i saw Your breathtaking beauty on pics and four videos and i heard Your wonderful voice on videos and it is so delicious for me that You now did allow me to smell Your Goddess Essence from Your worn pantyhose. i can not find the appropriate words to express my emotions when i inhaled for the first time Your Goddess's Air. It is a heavenly experience. When i followed Your instructions with regard to the package, i missed in fact one hand. i should like to honour You and Your Goddess's Essence with a release. The whole procedure made me very excited. i hope furiously that You are willing to permit me that. i want to honour You by watching the scene from the video Egyptian Goddess while the slave is feeding You Your dinner. In this way i can combine looking, hearing, smelling and feeling and i can dream about tasting, not only Your scratches, but everything You want me to taste, if You permit me to do that. i love You and i worship You. You are my endless Goddess!

slave leo

Part TWO of Two

Dear Goddess Lorena,

Thank You so much for the privilege You granted me. For the last half hour of Your video Egyptian Goddess i pretended to be the slave serving you in the video. i wore Your pantyhose round my head and i could inhale Your Goddess Essence as You allowed me to feed You and to eat Your scraps. Every time when my attention drove away from You, You corrected me by snapping my face. i enjoyed it to become an instrument used by You for Your own benefit. i was so happy to be the toy You played with for Your own amusement. i like it so much to be dominated by You. It's not a game but reality and that makes it so exciting attractive. The small wild river will become a part of the great river of Femdom and i hope W/we all will end in the sea of Female Supremacy. At the moment i dreamed of that heavenly state of being, my release came, and it was like a sea. Thank You dear Goddess for Your abundance. i was never so near to You! i hope soon to be able to watch the next two videos i ordered "the training of a worshipper slave" and "Mistress's pet".

slave leo


i have just received the video Goddess Party and the pantyhose i ordered and would like to thank YOU especially for YOUR pantyhose. The thought that they have been in contact with YOUR DIVINE PERSON is too much for words, i can not thank YOU enough for deigning to send them to me. Thank YOU GODDESS thank YOU so much!

i place a thousand soft slave kisses on YOUR DIVINE FEET and remain YOUR humble slave daniel

My Darling Supreme Goddess,

Just a totally inadequate note to thank You MOST humbly for the UTTERLY DELICIOUS Fragrant Essence of Your DIVINE FEET!! Thanks to YOU I am now able to inhale The Perfume of Your FEET at ALL times of the day and night! It's not for me to be driving like a lunatic in traffic with my ear stuck to a Cell phone ...... NO ....... my face, nose and mouth are MOST happily, joyously (and SAFELY!) BURIED DEEP within Your HEAVENLY and TOTALLY WONDROUS Sweat Socks that You have SO BEAUTIFULLY worn for me and infused with Your INCREDIBLE Goddess Perfume that I am now SO TOTALLY addicted to. It is TRULY more powerful and intoxicating than any drug EVER known to man ! The last thing that I do every single night is to humbly prostrate myself, totally naked before YOUR Image on YOUR Videos, and with two strong rubber bands, attach Your DIVINE Socks to my anxiously, and Oh-SO-eagerly awaiting nose, mouth, tongue, lips and eyes and begin to WORSHIP, SERVE and ADORE My Supreme Goddess Lorena. I take L-O-N-G and D-E-E-P-L-Y Reverential breaths and imagine YOU instructing and ordering me from Above as Your EXQUISITE Foot, alternately presses firmly on my neck, forcing me to kneel and Worship One GLORIOUS FOOT or The Other. I only WISH that I had the correct PRAYERS that YOU would wish me to say to YOU as I kneel in humble Worship to Your SOCKS. For now, it is enough to know that EVERY SINGLE BREATH that I take for the next 8 hours will be completely and totally filtered through the HEAVENLY PERFUME of YOUR DIVINE FEET!! I am in Seventh Heaven, of course, and about as near to being in Real Heaven as I am EVER likely to achieve on This Earth!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! My Supreme Goddess Lorena for Your unquestioning rule over my heart, my mind and now ...... my body and senses!!

P.S. I am wondering, Oh-SO-hopefully (!), whether it might JUST be possible to have a close-up, in colour, of Your SUPREMELY DIVINE BARE FEET and TOES in order to supplement and focus my continued Worship and Adoration of YOU??!! I would be SO, SO grateful and, of course, You may name Your price for Them! BTW, Would You, by any chance, have an EXTREMELY WELL-WORN and VERY FRAGRANT Pair of Bedroom Slippers that have graced and adorned Your DIVINE FEET that You might be willing to sell to me??!!

Your EVER-grateful, EVER-Worshipful, slave steven s.

The worn shoes which i have purchased from Goddess Lorena were in a package with my held mail when i got home. i carefully opened the package. The shoes were in an inner box. They turned out to be golden with ankle straps. The first thing that i did was to put one of the heels into my mouth, as if i were in Her presence and She had ordered me to do that. i then put them to my nose to get the scent of my Deity. i became excited knowing that She had stepped into them and walked in them. i then examined the straps. Shoes with straps on them thrill me.

i decided to carry them with me. i put one of the shoes into my underpants and held the other in my hand. i went into my bedroom to lie on my bed so that i could examine them further. i masturbated to the thought of being on the floor while Goddess Lorena walked in these shoes. After this i kept them with me throughout the day. When i finally went to bed that night i kept them in my hands for awhile. Then, once more, i put one of the shoes into my underwear. The next morning i held them both together in one hand. They fit together very well. i then put them under my pillow for the next night.

Now they are on the table so that i can see them while i write this. The way that the heel sets on the flat surface excites me so much. Once in a while i will pull up the straps to pretend that the foot of my Deity is in the shoe. i also buckle or unbuckle the buckle as if i am in the presence of my Goddess and being allowed to buckle the strap. i continuously look at the angle of the shoe on my tabletop.

i will take them with me to bed again tonight.

slave frank

Dear Goddess Lorena:

Your worn slippers have given me the joy of having Your scent. This is something i had never known until recently but hope to make an integral part of my daily life from now on. Your aroma is so sweet! i hope to never be without Your scent or essences for the rest of my life! When i am not savoring Your Divine Scent, i sometimes place Your worn slippers on my face and imagine the joy of being trod upon by You with Your full weight pinning me down and putting me exactly where i belong (under You). With time and Your Grace, that dream will hopefully come true.

Yours ever more humbly, Your future 24/7 slave ken m.

My Darling SUBLIME, SUPREME Goddess Lorena,

Oh You are TRULY MAGNIFICENT!! I LOVE and WORSHIP all the photographs of Your DIVINELY SEXY and oh-so-delicious TOES from YOUR Barefoot Picture Album that You sent me with Your worn bedroom Slippers! I confess to You that I am UTTERLY CRAZY about YOU and truly need to WORSHIP, ADORE and above all abase and humble before the DIVINE PERFUME of Your Hot, Sweaty and HEAVENLY TOES now always, and forever!! In Witness here unto I mailed YOU a tribute to that GLORIOUS and oh-soooo SEXY, SUPREME and POWERFUL , DELICIOUS and UTTERLY INTOXICATING, and TOTALLY ADDICTING and CAPTIVATING SUPREME and HEAVENLY odour of Your D I V I N E TOES, to do with as YOU see fit! I knew what the package contained when it appeared in my mail box however I decided to see if I could contain myself long enough in order to be able to truly Adulate and Worship My Goddess in a manner befitting to YOUR Supreme Divinity, truly acknowledging YOUR Supreme position in my life, before I opened it. I therefore raced upstairs and placed this precious package upon Her Highness' Shrine whereon already rest, GLORIOUSLY two pairs of YOUR deliciously well-worn Sweat Socks, an extremely well-worn pair of Black Sneakers, and atop all now a pair of YOUR GLORIOUS Bedroom Slippers too as well as countless images and icons of YOUR DIVINE and HEAVENLY FEET from Your Barefoot Picture Album! The day, of course, seemed to drag on interminably before I finally found myself kneeling naked, and humbled before Your Throne whence I nightly retire to humble myself before Your Divine Presence last thing before going to bed, My Supreme Goddess Lorena. I could hardly wait to open the package. I knew that it contained the most HEAVENLY-SMELLING BEDROOM SLIPPERS in the whole universe!! As soon as I had Them in my hand I bowed my face deep inside of Them and began to take very slow, very long and very deeply passionate and reverent breaths from the Toes of Your Sweet, GORGEOUS SLIPPERS. Instantly I was fortunate enough to disappear into that one perfect Nirvana which is known as "sub space" to the true slave . A world in which I am TOTALLY and COMPLETELY subservient, subjugated and captivated by YOU, My Supreme Goddess Lorena. I realize, as I inhale, longingly, deeply and voraciously at the HEAVENLY NECTAR that is between Your Toes that I am now clearly becoming completely and totally addicted to It's power over me and I am totally helpless to resist it. Oh My Supreme Goddess Lorena, I LOVE IT, I desire IT, I need IT, I crave IT! I have an over-riding necessity to WORSHIP, and ADORE the SWEAT between Your gloriously and deliciously haughty TOES! Humbly (and joyously) I confess that I am wholly and totally intoxicated by, inebriated with, and completely addicted to the PERFUME of Your FEET, Goddess. It is more powerful and more potent than any drug I have ever known and it has me TOTALLY in It's thrall. Please know therefore My Sublime Goddess, how and why I am truly honoured, privileged and, above all humbled by Your oh-so-wonderful worn items. I truly do WORSHIP YOU and I do HOPE there's some joy and pride in it for YOU.

Your ever-loving, ever-adoring, slave steven s.

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